Past ECSG Events


October 2013: ,The Literary Unconscious: A Guided Tour, chapter workshop with Blakey Vermeule, Professor of English at Stanford University

November 2013: Chapter workshop with Emily Talbot (PhD Candidate, Art History) and Dena Goodman (Professor, History and Women's Studies, UM-Ann Arbor) featuring the chapters "4, rue des Orties: The Louvre of the Silvestres (1668-1805)" (Goodman) and "The Catalogue Raisonnéas Family Biography: Readings of the Silvestre cabinet" (Talbot).

December 2013: "Bruno Latour and the Eighteenth Century," a Two-Day Conference and Seminar featuring a seminar-style discussion of Latour’s Inquiry into Modes of Existence and a series of papers, each 30 minutes in length, delivered by participants and chaired by graduate students. Papers presented at the workshop will form a forthcoming volume of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation.

March 2014: "The Economy of Scales," Graduate Student Conference co-sponsored with Nineteenth-Century Forum, featuring keynote lectures by Noah Heringman (Professor of English, Univ. of Missouri) and Craig Benjamin (Professor of History, Grand Valley State Univ.)


April 2013: Lecture on Native American Archives with Scott Manning Stevens, Director of the D’Arcy McNickle Center, Newberry Library; "A Natural History of the Natural History Footnote," a dissertation workshop with Emily Howard (PhD candidate, English)

March 2013: Matters of Fact in Jane Austen, a roundtable discussion, and "What Jane Saw," a lecture with Janine Barchas, Professor of English at University of Texas, Austin.

February 2013: Elisabetta Pilotti Schiavonetti and Collaboration in Handel’s Operas, 1711-1715," a dissertation workshop with Alison DeSimone (PhD, Musicology)

December 2012: "Desperately Seeking Emile: Epistolary Ads and Personal Fictions in the Era of the French Revolution," a chapter workshop and "Economic Liberalism and the Weakness of the State: Monetary Lessons from the French Revolution," a lecture with Rebecca Spang, Associate Professor of History, University of Indiana.

November 2012: "Strategies of Toleration: Talking Across Confessions in the Alpine Republic of Letters," a workshop with Lydia Barnett, Professor of History and Society of Fellows, U-M.

October 2012: "The Vanishing Place of Judgment between Empiricism and Aesthetics: The Case of Locke’s Essay," a workshop with Vivasvan Soni, Professor of English, Northwestern University.

September 2012: Transporting Bodies and Minds: 18th- and 19th-Century Travel," an interdisciplinary graduate student conference co-hosted by ECSG and NCF; Keynote speaker: Kate Flint, Provost Professor of English and Art History at the University of Southern California


May 2012: An Eighteenth Century Gathering Featuring papers given by: Melissa Patterson, Ruth McAdams, Geremy Carnes, Simon Dickie, David Porter, Emily Howard, Nina Budabin McQuown, Alpen Razi, Matt Risling, Karen McConnell, Thomas Keymer, Sean Silver, Aran Ruth, Tina Lupton, Morgan Vanek, and Daphna Atias

April 2012:Clare Crowston (History, U of Illinois) >A Lecture: The Value of Time: Credit and Fashion in Eighteenth-Century France

March 2012 :Nick Valvo (English, UC Davis) Dissertation Chapter Workshop: Strangers: Narrative and Community in Daniel Defoe's Roxana.