Keynote Topic

Globalization: A Dual-Edged Sword?

Presented by Simon Bell, Director of the Global Policy Council at AT Kearney, Inc., this topic will explore future trends in globalization and will lead to a panel discussion on the same topic.



* Redefining Globalization- The Perks and Perils of Outsourcing
This topic will follow the keynote speeches and add further insights on the future trends of globalization and its impact on international affairs and business.

* Costs of Terrorism- Balancing Security and Freedom
Representatives in politics, economics, law, public policy and business will examine this question and attempt to ascertain the costs associated with terrorism through an analysis on the US War on Terrorism.

* The Future of Kosovo- A Civilization in Limbo
Provincial status is clearly unacceptable by the Albanian majority and Serbs are equally opposed to independence. This panel will explore the social, political and economic factors that will explore the most viable solutions for Kosovo.



Interested in being part of the Europa Forum

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