AMBERCON 2005 Quotes

Slot 1

"Godzilla Versus the Pattern Monster" by John (JD) Davies

From across Shadow it comes. Huge and unstoppable with only one thought on its reptilian brain - the destruction of Amber.

Yes indeed, Godzilla is on a rampage and Amber is in its path. Who can stop this fearsome menace from crushing Amber beneath its gigantic scaly feet? I guess that would be the young Amberites, then.

This is a lighthearted game of giant radioactive monsters stomping all over Amber.

Cast of Characters

Barbara Baj:Jessica
Nathan Bardsley:Malcolm
Benjamin Bernard:Lemont
Chris Kindred:Oliver, son of Caine
Leslie Lightfoot:Tameetha
Sean McCabe:Caw
Ian Ng:Rieys
Lucya Szachnowski:Erasmus
Cliff Winnig:Quentin

"I am Lemont, the King of Amber Fashion!" -- Lemont introducing himself to the group

"Second rank, after Caw, is Oliver." -- GM
"Oh my God! We're doomed!" -- Chris Kindred

"Tokyo was destroyed by a band of psychic teens and we rebuilt it as Neo Tokyo. Neo Tokyo was then destroyed by a giant moth monster, which we rebuilt as New Neo Tokyo. Then there was a small matter of a tentacle invasion.... They tried to kidnap all of our young women." -- Professor Satsu to the group, explaining the history of Super New Neo Tokyo

"It seems that it's this Shadow's destiny to be destroyed. Why stop it?" -- Tameetha to ?

"Your Majesty, is this a threat or reward situation?" -- Tameetha to Random

"What if it can't be destroyed?" -- Quentin
"I believe it has to be." -- Random

"I have a problem being touched." -- Erasmus
"Darling, that is not your only problem." -- Quentin

"Darling, you have not been to the parties in the circles I travel in." -- Quentin
"Nor would I wish to go there." -- Lemont
"Perhaps if your fashion sense improved, you would be." -- Quentin

"We're going to need lightning conductors." -- Quentin to Igor, Erasmus' assistant
"Like spears?" -- Oliver
"You have a dirigible, don't you?" -- Quentin

"What have you used to stop them before?" *pause* "Or are you telling me that all the young women are gone?" -- Rieys to ?

"We couldn't find a power source, so it's actually just a large piece of metal." -- Professor Satsu to ?, on Super New Neo Tokyo's Weapon of Mecha Destruction

"It's probably invulnerable. They usually are." -- Erasmus to ?, on the nature of unknown alien power sources

"Forgive me for asking actual tactical questions..." -- Oliver to ?

"No wonder he is angry! He does not have the proper tunic to show off his manly scales." -- Lemont to ?, upon seeing Godzilla for the first time

"(How mighty is Godzilla?) To put this in role-playing terms, if this was Palladium Rifts, Godzilla would require Megadamage weapons to defeat him." -- GM to ?

"If you want someone to pick up the (giant) robot and beat the monster with it, I'm your man." -- Caw to ?

"Someone has to be the fall guy when this goes badly." -- Malcolm
"Are you volunteering?" -- Quentin

"Somewhere in Chaos, someone flushed a lizard." -- Chris Kindred to ?, on the center of a Broken Pattern being an access to the Abyss

"Is there a way to destroy a Broken Pattern?" -- Tameetha
"Yes, you could kill one of your family members." -- Bleys
"Yay, I got one! Is there anything else?" -- Tameetha

"You want to avoid (taking the Pattern). You will be locked into wearing the same two colors for all of eternity." -- Quentin to Lemont

"At the bottom of the well is an immense gothic castle." -- GM
"... with one spire damaged by three diving bells." -- Ian Ng, reconciling the disastrous results of previous attempts to lower diving bells into the Abyss

"Caw, make it so. Lemont, make it look good." -- Oliver, on going to the Dark Well to rescue Tameetha
"That I can do." -- Lemont

"Now there there are eleven people in the diving bell." -- Sean McCabe, on who's going on the rescue mission
"It's like a Volkswagen and some clowns." -- Ian Ng

"I'm a moody, bitter bastard of an Amberite. I've consented to sitting in a giant robot. There is only so much I can take!" -- Oliver to ?, after being asked to wear the Amberite Ranger Black costume

"Having been raised by Gérard, Oliver has seen Voltron, because that's probably what he would find funny, so he knows that Blazing Sword is what finishes the fight. So, he drops down to backstab Godzilla with the Blazing Sword now. Haven't you waited your entire Amber playing career to do that?" -- Oliver
"I will fire my emasculated defensive missiles." -- Rieys
"I will do whatever (Oliver) tells me to do." -- Malcolm

"It's too bad you can't pick (the monorail train) up and beat (Godzilla) with it." -- Sean McCabe to ?, after they crash into a monorail
"I just had this terrible image of monorail nunchucks." -- Leslie Lightfoot

"Caw grunts." -- Sean McCabe to GM
"You're supposed to advance the dialogue." -- Chris Kindred
"It's a sarcastic kind of grunt." -- Sean McCabe

"Caw looks mainly unimpressed." -- Caw to GM, as Brand explains his grand plan to escape the Abyss
"Mostly because he didn't understand what any of that meant." -- Chris Kindred

"I have a fashioned a way out of the Abyss." -- Brand
"No, fashion does not enter into this." -- Lemont

"Caw wraps a Japanese scientist around some explosives and throws them up at Ghidora." -- Sean McCabe to GM

"The orphanage is destroyed, and right behind it is an oil refinery that hasn't been touched yet." -- GM to the group

"Lemont sidesteps the attack with grace and elegance." -- Lemont
"Unfortunately, he isn't able to sidestep very gracefully or elegantly." -- GM

"Brand--burnt to a crisp, chained to a diving bell, pin-cushioned with bolts Brand--screams, "Nooooooo! I was so close!" Or he would, if he could, but he can't, so he just gurgles." -- GM to the group

"Dworkin just woke up?" -- Bleys
"Yes, we took care of that." -- Malcolm, assuming for the other group
"And the monster?" -- Bleys
"Yes, we took care of that, too." -- Malcolm
"What about Super New Neo Tokyo?" -- Bleys
"We took care of that, too." -- Ian Ng

"Le Cygne: The Oracle's Light" by Ginger Stampley and Michael Croft

The ship Le Cygne, having survived the Shadowstorm that cut it off from Amber, is taking any path it finds to get back home. Its search has brought it to a lighthouse at a Shadow nexus, whose keeper, the Oracle, may know how to help the ship get home. The Oracle can answer many questions, and many seekers desire the wisdom of the Light. But does one of them want the Swan to wander far from its nest forever?

Cast of Characters

James Arnoldi:Century, former pirate (a four-armed blue woman)
Michael Curry:Skate, bosun
Shawn Dorsey:Irene, daughter to Gravely
Jennifer Jackson:Scrim, ship's cook
Joe Saul:Gravely, crusty old navigator
BriAnne Searles:Maxim, passenger
Glen Seymour:Valence, second mate, acting captain
Liz Trumitch:Chime, daughter of the late captain, AKA Little Miss Bloodyhands

"It's not technically mutiny if you're only a passenger." -- ? to the passenger who was planning to off the acting captain

"I bake (Spray) a cake with a file in it." -- Scrim to ?, discussing the former first mate, who is in the brig

"I don't know if we should kill (Spray)." -- Chime to ?
"Coming from (Little Miss Bloodyhands), that's meaningful." -- Jennifer Jackson to the group

"What does the bosun think the first mate was good at?" -- Gravely
"Everything the second mate does, but better." -- Skate

"I'm Acting Captain Gravely, and I endorse this message." -- Joe Saul to the group

"Shouldn't it be a righteous person?" -- James Arnoldi, discussing who to throw in the volcano
"Are there any of those here?" -- BriAnne Searles

"I'm gonna revise this 'he's not high' estimate, aren't I?" -- Gravely to ?

"You're what, a volcano expert?" -- Scrim
"I am now." -- Maxim, having become the volcano goddess' oracle

"This is the worst pirate ship EVER!" -- Michael Curry to the group

"I got the money AND the girl!" -- Chime to the group

"I'll never vote to throw you in the volcano again, sir." -- Century to Valence

"ShadowWorld (Thursday)" by Edwin Voskamp

ShadowWorld is a diceless role-playing game based in our world, except that, under the facade of media, politics, political correctness and 'reality' there is a ShadowWorld where strange things happen: psionic powers, ancient secrets, dark conspiracies that are hidden from or dismissed by the general public. The players are psionically gifted operators of a secret organization (the Circle) sent on a mission.

Cast of Characters

Simone Cooper:Sunrise Arizona Gibran, Xtreme sports star (healer)
Kris Fazzari:Captain Cat Nelson, USAF pilot (telekinetic, biokinetic)
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Simon Monk, CIA field operative (telekinetic, clairvoyant)
William Gulstad:Howard Storm, reporter (booster, controller, teleporter)
Robert Haight:Duncan McArthur, Quebec diplomatic attache (warp)
Darrell Hischke:A.C. Alonzo, free-lance CG designer (canine telepathy/controller, soaker)
Stephanie Itchkawich:Kim Albertson, student (nuclearkinetic, empath)
Eric Todd:Miguel Fortuna, ex-Special Forces Captain (precognitive)

"Let's just say I'm used to handling things smaller and lighter." -- Cat to group

"The question is, do you predict the problem you're seeing, or do you cause the problem by seeing it?" -- Howard to Miguel and A.C.
"No, we cause the problem." -- Kim

"Don't know what (it is), completely foreign, way more powerful than us." -- Miguel
"That's not a good combination." -- Cat

"So, you think we should go to the area where you sensed these powerful entities (that attacked you) and try using your power in the vicinity of it to see if that works better? This is your plan?" -- Sunrise to Miguel

"If we start twitching, please help." -- Miguel to the group

"It didn't kill us when it had the chance." -- Duncan
"That's what counts for allies with the Circle." -- Miguel

"I'm going to incapacitate (the Sasquatch)." -- Miguel
"How?" -- GM
"Through direct application of physical force." -- Miguel

"Hey, Duncan, could you remove that bit of their memory where they saw me kill their god?" -- Miguel

"Duncan's definition of acceptable risk differs from most people's." -- GM to the group

Slot 2

"Ashes of Time" by Jennifer Jackson and Deb Atwood

It's a one in a million chance...or one in a thousand. No one in Amber claims to remember when it last happened. But according to legend (and Dworkin, if one can believe his ramblings), it's happening again tonight. The dark reflection of Amber, known as the Forbidden City, will appear. And your young cousins Alex and Lance (yes, the ones who have been known to break Shadows, by accident) are planning an expedition. Naturally, they haven't mentioned this to anyone who might tell them "no"...but only to those they thought they could persuade to go along.

Cast of Characters

Benjamin Bernard:Guinieve, daughter of unknown
J.P. Brannan:Quinlan, son of Flora
Michael Deneweth:Mark, son of Random
Linda Duncan:Peregrine, daughter of Caine
Kris Fazzari:Bridget, daughter of Brand and Danira Hendrake
Jim Phillips:Tyler, son of Llewella
BriAnne Searles:Bryony, daughter of Flora
Cal Westray:Steed, son of Flora
Scott Whitney:Alexis, eight-year-old daughter of Fiona

"Maybe Peri will let (Bridget) examine her wings. Gabriel wasn't willing to let her do that." -- Kris Fazzari
"So you think Peri will be more amenable to vivisection?" -- GM Deb

"(Alexis) is precocious, which means she's a pain in the ass." -- Bridget to the group

"It would be depressing not to have a twin anymore." -- Alyx
"I don't know...." -- Lance, Alyx's twin

"Well, you have a pretty good warfare, don't you?" -- GM Jenn
"Me?!?" -- Mark
"Oh no, that's the one thing you don't have." -- GM Jenn

"If (the little girl) blows herself up, it's really not my fault." -- Bryony to the group

"Can I use my Pattern to increase the ability of my dryer sheets?" -- Mark to the GMs

"Just parry (the attack)." -- Peregrine to Mark
"He'll parry it by grabbing Peri and pulling her in front of him." -- Kris Fazzari

"Mark is pretty high." -- Kris Fazzari, referring to his psyche stat
"Mark is always pretty high!" -- Scott Whitney

"Looks can be deceiving." -- Bridget to Alexis
"For example, Bridget looks human." -- GM Deb
"And Alexis appears to be charming." -- Scott Whitney

"I don't want to save Alyx, damn it!" -- Bryony to GM Deb

"Store this picture in memory, since I'm pretty sure that in five minutes this place will be on fire and these people will be screaming." -- Alexis to GM Jenn

"How fast are these guys? Do I think they can dodge liquid nitrogen?" -- Bridget to GM Jenn

"Why are there no guards?" -- Bridget
"Because no one voluntarily enters the home of the Dragon Emperor." -- Reiji

"Do you really want to grab things that sometimes exude lightning?" -- GM Deb to Mark

"Kill Brand Part II" by David Vandenabeele

The King has returned after a year's absence following an assassination attempt. Random's attackers have been traced to a distant Shadow that bears an odd resemblance to Shadow Earth's 1980's Tokyo. If you were there for the initial attack, here is your chance for revenge. If not, earn the King's gratitude by acting against those who would dare strike at the throne of Amber.

Dress to kill in a Hong Kong Action Theater mindset. Cinematic action both promised and rewarded, regardless of approach - Warfare and Psyche opportunities will be very much a part of the story. Part 4 of the Random Gambling series [unconnected]. Participants from Part 3 are encouraged to return, but no knowledge of previous events is necessary.

Cast of Characters

Simone Cooper:Daniel
Sean McCabe:?

"I say...makes horrible phlegmy cough." -- Daniel to ?, after he's severly beaten

"Gaijin not scare customers, gaijin SMASH!" -- Daniel to ?

"She definitely had that pole dancing quality, unfortunately I only got to see her tap dancing." -- Daniel to ?

"My bunction doesn't need any ramming" - Daniel

"Son of a B---- Must Pay" by Madeline Ferwerda

Things are unsettled in Amber. Stories of how King Random would shoot an unarmed fleeing man in the back are gaining currency. The scent of blood is in the water.... And it occurs to you that there are any number of things that could happen, in times like these, to that son of a bitch who done you wrong.

Amber, post Merlin series. Any requested elders will be alive at the start of the game.

There's an Amberite you want dead. Or maybe just driven insane, or maybe just acknowledging that you're not the putz they thought. Are you suffering under the iron heel of some NPC you can't bump off in your regular campaign? Have you always wanted to make Merlin bleed? Are you just sick of Fiona's smirk? I got yer therapy, right here.

Cast of Characters

Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Cassius
Dawn Greenlee:Kedra
Ray Laura:Dane
Ian Ng:Recchi, son of Caine
Tymen VanDyk:Fallon

"I would think that using the Logrus here would make me rather unpopular." -- Cassius to ?, while at a castle party

"If Dad taught me anything, it's opportunism." -- Recchi to ? (his brother)

"I will shut down the Trump gate." -- Fallon
"The gate shuts down by itself." -- GM
"I've taken care of the gate." -- Fallon to the servants in the room

"Corwin's got his fingers in a lot of pies." -- Tymen VanDyk
"That's his modus operandi: 'Me. Fingers. Pie.'" -- Ian Ng

"I'm going to be tripping, picking up, throwing, dangling, fucking with the ninjas. If that happens to be fatal, I'm okay with that." -- Cassius to ?

"Are you guys still in the closet?" -- GM to ?
"Yes, we have finished our closet caucus and now we are ready to talk to Random." -- Ian Ng

"We will carry the body." -- Recchi
"Well, one of you can sling him over the shoulder and carry him by yourself." -- GM
"But then I'll get bloody. Wait, (Dane's) already bloody. You carry him." -- Recchi

"I'm going to keep waiting on the Trump for Corwin to awaken." -- Kedra to GM, trying to escape the dungeons, unaware that Corwin is being taken there
"The most amusing thing about that is that as soon as she gets in contact with Corwin, she'll be back in the dungeon." -- Tymen VanDyk

"When I hear bootsteps, I'm going to start yelling, 'Help! Help!'" -- Kedra to GM
"I'm being repressed!" -- Tymen VanDyk

Slot 3

"A Double Dozen Seas" by Chris Kindred

"...our ships sail the Shadows, plying between anywhere and anywhere, dealing in anything.... Those of the blood laid down the trade routes long ago that other vessels might follow, the seas of a double dozen worlds in every captain's head." - Corwin, HoO

Sail the Golden Circle across Shadow seas and stranger tides. Come serve His Majesty's Navy where duty is expected, but honor required.

Cast of Characters

Steve Ainsworth:Lt. Jeremy Featherstone
Anne Delekta:Sorceress Adain
Sol Foster:Commodore Sean O'Donovan
Patrick Franklin:First Officer Cecil Lelume
Bill Gulstad:Admiral Ambrose del Mar
Ian Ng:Gunther, the cook
John Schleick:Captain "Iron" Jack Reed
Glen Seymour:Seaman John's Son
Scott Whitney:Jerica, the cabin girl

"The Admiral's daughter was amused by John's Son's monkey." -- Glen Seymour to the group, reading John's Son's history

"The monkey may be in command before the cook is." -- John Schleick
"Damned lucky monkey!" -- Ian Ng

"Never have so few been led by so many." -- Scott Whitney to the group, noting how half the players are of command rank

"Just remember, in the event of an emergency, the monkey can be used as a flotation device." -- Bill Gulstad
"In the event of an emergency, the monkey will use you as a flotation device." -- Anne Delekta

"I'm going to harpoon the serpent before it can lay waste to any of the smaller, slower ships like the ones in the *cough* Commodore's fleet." -- Captain Reed to GM
"They run slower, not smaller." -- Sol Foster
"So you're a size queen?" -- GM

"Definitely large, tough hide, maybe nice and juicy inside." -- GM to ?, describing the sea serpent

"Is there an actual boarding of the giant eel going on or what?" -- GM to the group

"John's Son tries to throw the harpoon into the open wound." -- John's Son
"The monkey fixes your aim." -- GM

"Are these serpents the kind that are the 'special' part of our mission?" -- Captain Reed
"It's currently of interest to our training regimen." -- Admiral del Mar

"Hey! A secret note from the cook!" -- GM to the group

"There are no books, logs, or journals, because dead men tell no tales." -- GM to the group, regarding looting the undead ship

"John's Son, you will carry the cask of black powder. Given your history, you are the least likely to have an accident with it." -- Captain Reed
"'Iron' Jack has chosen the method of his own death!" -- Scott Whitney

"Around young Featherstone, giant--larger than the mighty John's Son--" -- GM
"Snakes?" - Ian Ng
"Yes, snakes. They are 15-20 feet long." -- GM
"Cyclopean?" -- Ian Ng
"Cyclopean snakes...what's so funny?" -- GM
"We've just established that they are one-eyed snakes." -- Ian Ng
"Cyclopean bodies with snake-like lower bodies!" -- GM

"So all the PC's are going to Z'ha'dum." -- GM
"Casa Doom?" -- Ian Ng
"Welcome to Casa Doom. Come to the Manager's Special at Casa Doom." -- John Schleick
"It's the house of Dr. Doom's Mexican brother." -- GM

"Nine Princes in High School" by Jack Gulick

While Principle Oberon is away, discipline at Amber High is starting to slip. The teachers are holing up in their lounge, avoiding anything but the minimum of class time. The students are forming into factions over the race for Prom King and Queen. The janitor is muttering about something strange in the basement.

Join in the unpredictable goings-on as Amber meets Teenagers From Outer Space!

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Juliana, Chief Hall Monitor
George Gitari:Ang, super-genius
Rachel Holmberg:Llewella, girls swim team leader AKA Pearl Princess
Jim Phillips:Bleys, stoned shop slacker

"We'll be in the shop class trying to construct a bong out of a '57 Chevrolet." -- Bleys to GM

"I was bombarded by wet towels." -- Bleys
"Were they from the guys or the girls?" -- shop buddies
"Dude, I'm not sure." -- Bleys
"Didn't the girls scream?" -- Kris Fazzari
"Yes, but Caine has also been known to do the girlie scream." -- GM

"Someone's beating me to my work...and it might be me. Damn my genius!" -- Ang to himself

"I'm an impartial third party. Possibly fourth party, I haven't determined that yet." -- Ang to Bleys

"There's only so much infinite space available." -- Dworkin the janitor
"But I'm hardly using any of the infinite space." -- Ang

"I try to annihilate (Black Pearl Princess) completely with pure love." -- Llewella/Pearl Princess to GM

"You know, that was so badly acted that it has to work." -- GM to Bleys and Ang

"There's nothing outside of the room, and the nothing's coming in." -- GM to Ang
"Dude, what does that mean?" -- Bleys
"Nothing good." -- Kris Fazzari

"Shards" by Ray Laura and Ben Fogt

Tired of the 'same ole' Throne War game?

Need a break from the ever present 'Elders screwed up and we have to fix it' game?

Are you ready for something different?

Are you willing to try something new?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I suggest you check out this real time alternate Amber game.

*Warning* - There will be movement involved.

Cast of Characters

Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:?
Leslie Lightfoot:?
Paul Vlamis:?

"We're going to Ann Arbor? Can we stop at my house?" -- Paul Vlamis to the GMs

Slot 4

"Ill Met in Amber" by Chris Kindred

This is the city. Amber. A hotbed of intrigue, magic, swashbuckling adventure, and intrigue. It's a good place to live. And an easy place to die.

A game of swashbuckling noir.

King Oberon has disappeared. The Princes quarrel over which of them will hold the Throne in Oberon's absence. As they battle in the palace, their agents and enemies battle in the streets below, while others look to Oberon's absence and make their own plans.

Cast of Characters

J.P. Brannan:Lord Doctor Fionntán Sabatini of the Royal College of Heraldry
Michael Croft:Rodrigo Diaz, Count of Oisenmouth
Michael Curry:Captain Wesley Hobart, Captain of the frigate Raptor, a privateer
Kris Fazzari:Madeline Dumas, wine merchant, agent of Amber's Secret Service
Sol Foster:Sean O'Donovan, Commodore in the Royal Navy
William Gulstad:Ambrose del Mar, Admiral High Mage of the Southern Fleet
Jennifer Jackson:Elyssa Darcy, the jeweler of which all other jewelers are Shadow
Michael Kucharski:Nicholas van Alikki, farm boy a la D'Artagnan, professional duelist
Leslie Lightfoot:Weir Leutnant Arryl der Gottswache
Sean McCabe:Wrenn, Amber City Watch Detective
Ian Ng:Lugaines, knight ranger in Julian's service
Jill Pritts:Leonne Azure, Rebman Ambassador
Liz Trumitch:Juliana Pinegar, Duchess of Carlisle
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart:Ethan, the toy-maker
Ginger Stampley:Patrice Pinegar, sister of Duke Carlisle, sister-in-law of Juliana
Scott Whitney:Maximillian Feldane, seventh son of a seventh son

"I'm Max Feldane, proud father." -- Scott Whitney
"Of what?" -- GM

"Wake me up when I die." -- Ethan to the group

"I have never tasted Max Feldane, so therefore I don't know." -- Wesley to Juliana

"Juliana didn't even succeed in marrying me off in her dreams." -- Jennifer Jackson to the group

"I'm going to need Phillip later, when I get done with the rest of these boys." -- Juliana to GM

"Just spear it and then rotate." -- Ian Ng
"It's a little frozen." -- Liz Trumitch

"This party is dead." -- O'Donovan to the group, at Bishop Morgan's wake

"The happy news is: Bishop Morgan de Chastellan - still dead." -- GM to the group

"I don't want to conjure with (Morgan's body), I just want to set it on fire!" -- Max to the group

"This card entitles you to one act of high treason, submitted by Oberon." -- Scott Whitney to the group

Slot 5

"Ebb Tide: Undertow 2" by Simone Cooper, Carla Arnoldi, David de Jong, Ian Ng, Joe Saul and Eric Todd

In the absence of the Pattern's defining presence, you, the children of the new order, have begun to walk paths of power unknown to Amber or Chaos.

In the wake of this disruption, many forces come to bargain and to posture. Old enemies and new allies vie for your attention.

How long will their patience last?

Cast of Characters

Steve Ainsworth:?
Barbara Baj:?
Nathan Bardsley:?
David Blackwell:?
Val Conder:?
Jack Gulick:?
Darrell Hischke:?
John Lees:Dartmouth
Leslie Lightfoot:Rio
Jeff Trumitch:?
Jarrod Van Kirk:?

"I never just go in and out." -- Dartmouth
"Then don't come." -- Rio

"When the Queen Says, "Go and Die...": Revenge and Roses" by Chris Kindred

"You are surrounded by beauty, by intrigue, by danger, what more can a man want?" -- Aramis

Once again, duty and honor call! The Queen needs your aid. The Cardinal's Guard need thrashing. Ladies need wooing. And taverns need customers!

Cast of Characters

Matt Andrews:Xavier Philipe de la Vin Rouge, Musketeer
J.P. Brannan:Alexis Vigaroux, Musketeer, Duke of Averoigne
John Davies:Antoine du Marais, retired Musketeer, owner of The Prancing Goat, uncle to Nicole la Fleur
Shawn Dorsey:Yves de Arcey, Musketeer
Kris Fazzari:Marcel Delmar, Musketeer
Ben Fogt:Frederick, former merchandizing apprentice to Chester, a murdered wealthy merchant
Sol Foster:Patrick Ourceau, Musketeer
William Gulstad:Lupin le Fou, Musketeer
Stephanie Itchkawich:Phillipe, Musketeer
Sean McCabe:Will, Musketeer, former spy
Deborah Payne:Sophia, daughter of Chester
Jill Pritts:Isobel Monsanto, niece of the Count de Sade
Lucya Szachnowski:Nicole la Fleur, ward/niece of Antoine du Marais

"I am the niece of the Count de Sade." -- Isobel to the group
"Not that one." -- GM

"Marcel keeps running into the Man in Black." -- GM
"The other man in black." -- Sean McCabe
"Well, (Will's) a Musketeer, so we're not sure (he) really (is) a man." -- J.P. Brannan

"Patrick is one of the smarter Musketeers." -- Sol Foster
"That is much like being the tallest Ewok." -- GM

"Matt, voice of reason and insanity." -- GM to the group

"The defining quote for this game is, 'No pub ever survives contact with this game.'" -- Kris Fazzari
"That's because in this game, the pubs don't run away." -- J.P. Brannan

"(Lupin) has mighty appetites for mutton and for embarrassing Cardinal's guards." -- Bill Gulstad to the group

"So instead of an exploding tavern, we have an exploding wedding in this game?" -- Matt Andrews
"Been there, done that." -- GM

"My job in the Musketeers is to call for help." -- Alexis to the group

"My brilliant plan is to use your wits to come up with a brilliant plan." -- Alexis to Patrick

"We have to survive so we can get Alexis a date." -- Matt Andrews to the group

"I am leaping from carriage to carriage, stabbing people." -- Xavier
"What, the people we're guarding?" -- Marcel
"You'll never take us alive!" -- GM

"So you and Antoine are doing that thing that you do so well?" -- GM
"Yes. I suspect Antoine is better at it than me." -- Nicole
"You're peeing standing up?" -- Jill Pritts

"I didn't actually wash (my shirt), I just licked the gravy stains off of it." -- Lupin to the group

"Alexis and Patrick can have dizzying conversations about stuff none of you give a shit about, and can't understand." -- GM to the group

"Is there a prancing goat at The Prancing Goat?" -- Kris Fazzari
"No, but there are some goats." -- Lucya Szachnowski
"You realize that once the Musketeers get drunk, they'll be trying to teach the goats to prance." -- Kris Fazzari
"It's not really a prance, it's an uncomfortable walk." -- Ben Fogt
"It's a prance of shame." -- Matt Andrews

"I was just heading towards the know, in the north." -- Lupin to the group, explaining how they wound up in Spain instead of France

"Is it safe to for you to come back?" -- Isobel to Nicole
"Weren't people trying to kill you last year?" -- Marcel
"Probably not, then." -- Isobel

"If you pretend to be Masked Avengers, as opposed to actually being Masked Avengers, does this mean you only pretend to do heroic acts?" -- Kris Fazzari
"It's safer that way." -- Jill Pritts
"We pose dramatically on rooftops." -- Lucya Szachnowski

"There's no point in going back to check on the bodies, they'll have been stripped clean by the goats by now." -- Antoine to the group

"If you're a Musketeer, it pays to be bisexual, because you're never sure what you're going to get." -- Sean McCabe to the group

"We have ten Musketeers and an army of carnivorous goats. I think we can take Spain! All we need is a cunning plan." -- Patrick to the group

"Whatever the reverse of bodyguard is." -- GM
"That would be assassin, I believe." -- Will

"Perhaps, if we let Lupin navigate, we can find the land route to the new world." -- Patrick to the group

"Somehow you have convinced Antoine and Nicole to go back to France." -- GM
"Convinced? It was their idea!" -- Kris Fazzari

"Once you get Musketeers into a tavern, it takes a while to get them out of it, unless it's on fire." -- GM to the group

"I think we should disguise the ladies-in-waiting as border collies. No one will ever suspect." -- Patrick to the group

"Who here can be stealthy?" -- Will to the group
*Antoine raises his hand*
"You're a 7-foot-tall man in a dress! How can you be stealthy?" -- Will

"I have never accidentally blown up a tavern." -- Will to the group

"You're going alone? Can I go with you?" -- Lupin to Will

"My plan is to drink until I can see in the dark." -- Lupin
"You mean until dawn?" -- Will

"Yves, Phillipe and Will went off alone, separately." -- Sean McCabe to the group

"Captain Hook plays a mean jazz piano." -- GM to Will

"It's the new French secret weapon...war goats!" -- Stephanie Itchkawich to the group

"When someone offers to buy you a drink, the answer is 'Yes!'" -- Lupin to the group

"(The men) actually have numbers on their shirts." -- GM
"They must be the Count's." -- Ben Fogt

"(Isobel and I) didn't get in any fights." -- Nicole to the group
"You started fights, you just weren't involved in any of them." -- Sean McCabe

"Should we go round up the rest of the Musketeers?" -- Isobel
"Yes, I think we'd better. They're probably where that fire is." -- Nicole

"Let's get everyone to the pub that's burning and then regroup." -- Isobel to the group

"You two are fleeing where?" -- GM to Isobel to Nicole
"To the burning tavern, for obviously there must be Musketeers there." -- Sol Foster

"You think it's a multi-national force of Spanish ninjas." -- GM to Lupin

"We understand there are a number of goats in the city." -- Alexis
"This is the Pyrenees. We have a number of goats here, but they aren't considered threatening." -- Lt. Gorman of the Count's guards
"These seem to be organized, though. I think they're trained by the Spanish." -- Antoine/Widow Twanky

"The goats stack bodies?" -- Lt. Gorman of the Count's guards
"They are very well trained." -- Antoine/Widow Twanky

"Are the goats and the bandits working together?" -- Lt. Gorman to Alexis and Antoine/Widow Twanky

"JD's ability to play a quick-tongued, dim-witted character is awe-inspiring." -- Sol Foster to the group

"Will the castle be safe with all of your men here?" -- Antoine/Widow Twanky
"They just have to close the castle gates and they'll be safe." -- Lt. Gorman
"But these are mountain goats, they can climb the castle walls!" -- Antoine/Widow Twanky

"We may abduct orphans but we don't abuse goats." -- Phillipe to the group

"What are the odds of you destroying a city twice?" -- the Man in Black to Marcel
"We're like lightning, we always strike twice." -- Lupin

Slot 6

"Morpheus Drowning" by James Arnoldi

Water. Without it, even we can not live long. It has been months since we have seen rain. The crops are dying. The sea of Amber is as dry as the desert that surrounds us. Only the trees and plants of Arden have managed to live through this drought, yet the dark forest resists all the attempts we have made to clear the land for crops. The citizens of New Zion were not delivered from the Matrix only to die of thirst and hunger. We will find a way to return the rains to the skies of Amber and water to the ocean. We have to.

Morpheus is returning to the Matrix. He believes he knows an Agent of Chaos that can help us. I am doubtful that we can trust any of the agents, but I have learned to trust his instincts. I'd like a few of you to go with him. Make sure he gets home safe. Meanwhile, I want a team here trying to find another way....

Cast of Characters

Carla Arnoldi:Ling, clone of Caine
J.P. Brannan:Adrienne McCullough, clone of Fiona
Kris Fazzari:Officer Aeryn Sun, former Peacekeeper, clone of Deirdre
Patrick Franklin:Matt Cauthon, clone of Random
Leslie Lightfoot:Soul Catcher, clone of Brand
Jill Pritts:Fayne Gabel, clone of Random
Jarrod Van Kirk:Tobey the barbarian
Mark Wizynajtys:Robert Verrault, clone of Llewella

"Robert and Adrienne will stay in Amber, since we need their sorcery." -- Keely to the group
"I think we're in trouble, because my character doesn't have sorcery." -- J.P. Brannan

"This Pattern feels kind of oogey." -- GM
"I have a low oogeyness factor." -- Soul Catcher

"There's something ironically appropriate about the mind of a clone of Brand being stuck in the body of a clone of Deirdre, in the Abyss." -- Kris Fazzari to the group

Slot 7

"Blaze of Glory: The Shadows Attack" by Sol Foster

The growth of the Black Circle has been halted. Unfortunately, its creators have noticed. And they will have their revenge....

Cast of Characters

J.P. Brannan:Ewan Burnett, AKA "The Worst Sailor in the Guard"
Michael Curry:Amir bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Nasir bin Safwan Al-Majiid
Kris Fazzari:Lorianne, Duchess of Brittany, AKA "The Pirate Queen"
William Gulstad:Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac, Marquis of ?
Jennifer Jackson:Zoe Sabourin
Andy Ransom:Lewis Mercer, AKA "The Spider"
Cal Rea:Philippe, Emperor of France
Liz Trumitch:Jayne Green, AKA "Plain Jayne"
Edwin Voskamp:Lord Dagincourt, Sir Jeffery de Goulon AKA "The Gray Ghost"
Jennifer Woelke:Robyn Sage, medic

"The game is only 20 minutes old and already we're altering the universe." -- Kris Fazzari to the group

"(The GM) called me differently sane." -- Philippe to the group

"I was on the last adventure, I'm not as fazed by this as I should be." -- Amir to GM, upon seeing Philippe's latest contraption

"I shove my drink to the other side of the bar, and hope that (my wives) did not see it." -- Amir to GM

"Did you pay points for the wives or did you get (points)?" -- Bill Gulstad
"Oh I paid for them. And I'm going to keep paying for them." -- Michael Curry

"The 'medic' is killing cats for catgut." -- Michael Curry
"OK, that's a bit unusual." -- Jennifer Jackson

"(Rachel) appears to badly wounded, and the plane appears to be damaged." -- GM to Lorianne
"Both will save us some time." -- Edwin Voskamp

"So the crazy woman who's killing cats is the sane one in the group." -- Jennifer Woelke
"No, she's just saner than Philippe." -- Kris Fazzari

"If I can make bombs, can I unmake bombs?" -- Zoe to GM

"I'm not sure firing on Amos is a good idea." -- Liz Trumitch
"He's attacking us - it's a good idea." -- Kris Fazzari

"Save my sister, so I can kill her ass!" -- Jayne to the group

"This is going to be quite the disturbing battle, I think." -- GM
"Wait until I build the electricity bomb." -- Philippe?

"Listen, I can't learn from my mistake if I don't make it!" -- Zoe to the group

"I'm not not just any idiot!" -- Amir to the group, after declaring his intention to launch himself at a glider

"Oh good, (Liz) is back, so I can kill her." -- GM to the group

"This woman is strong!" -- GM
"Will you marry me?" -- Amir to Maggie
"Just then, a cannon ball hits her in the back." -- GM

"On the scale of how this could have gone, that was a brilliant victory on my part." -- Amir to the group, after he crashes to the ground

"That's a Jayne specialty, isn't it? Holding onto her sword while falling?" -- GM to Liz Trumitch

"The dirigible exploded in a very French exploded by running away." -- Philippe to the group

"Why?" -- Robyn, questioning a prisoner
"Well, I think it's quite obvious why I don't want to be questioned like this. It's quite painful." -- Eloise

"Does this look like the kind of wound that Jayne will be fighting with?" -- Jeffery to GM
"Until she dies." -- Kris Fazzari

"There are five different kinds of interrogation: sharp, blunt, hot, cold and loud. Let's start with all five." -- Philippe to the group

"Jayne is less disturbed by killing fellow living guardsmen than by killing dead Sharks." -- Liz Trumitch to the group

"You're pretty sure this will work, but you can't be sure you won't emerge in a wall or something." -- GM to Philippe
"If that's a risk that he's willing to take, then I'll pull the lever." -- Zoe

"They are the swiss army knife of wives." -- Jennifer Jackson to the group, about Amir's wives

"So finally you are full of hot air?" -- Cyrano to Philippe, after Philippe takes over the brain of the zeppelin

"BTW, I'm going to have to get you to build me a wife launcher, so I can launch all five at the same time." -- Amir to Zoe

"I've got something in my hand." -- Robyn
"Could you be more specific than 'something' for the sake of the GM?" -- GM

"How do you know (the enemy) doesn't know your signals?" -- GM
"Because I change them every day." -- Philippe

"I sniff the air, because I can smell Rámon coming a mile away." -- Lorianne to GM

"Jeffery could bodypaint you gray." -- Edwin Voskamp to Liz Trumitch
"Then you'd be the Gray Ghostette." -- Kris Fazzari
"The Gray Ghostess." -- Cal Rea

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you want this?" -- GM
"100." -- Jayne

"Is (Bleys) impressed by your skill or your foolhardiness?" -- Cyrano to Philippe

"(Jayne) has held (Bleys) down in her underwear before." -- Liz Trumitch to the group

"I take the Reality mine and jump from our dirigible onto the other one." -- Amir
"Far be it from me to stop anyone from jumping off of a dirigible without a parachute." -- GM

"My broken ankle won't be a problem once I'm falling (through the air) again." -- Amir to GM

"What happens in the plane, stays in the plane." -- Jayne to the group

"This has got to be the weirdest tactic that I've heard for a dogfight, which means it works perfectly." -- GM to Ewan

"Can you imagine a Zoe-Spider fight? 'I've hidden five bombs in this room.' 'I've also hidden five bombs in this room.'" -- Cal Rea to the group

"You know, I just killed myself by dropping a plane on me. I don't get that opportunity very often." -- Lorianne to the group

"Curare is a wonderful crowd pleaser." -- Jeffery to the group

"Ewan dropped me on the ground so I could run into the dirigible after Jayne and save Rachel...from Jayne." -- Amir to GM

Slot 8

"Corwin and Random Go to White Castle" by Sean McCabe

White Castle, the fast-food-joint of which all other fast-food-joints are but Shadows. You could really go for a burger right now. Too bad Oberon grounded you all for your part in the loss of the Jewel. Of course, you could sneak out....

A sequel to "Dude! Where's my Jewel of Judgment." You needn't have played in the first game to play in this one. Wacky fun!

Cast of Characters

Matt Andrews:Brand, sulky goth kid
Kris Fazzari:Random AKA Randy, surfer dude, slacker and pot head
Madeline Ferwerda:Gérard, AKA Gerry or G-Man, jock, muscle-head, star offensive player for the Amberite Purple Unicorns
Ben Fogt:Julian, backwoods country boy
Mark Wizynajtys:Caine, greasy older kid who's been held back a few grades

"Dude...." -- G-Man and Randy, pretty much constantly

"Who's your daddy?" -- Randy
"Oberon's your daddy." -- G-Man

"I'll totally follow Random following Caine." -- G-Man to GM

"As much fun as it would be to roll Julian around in a mud puddle..." -- GM to Brand

"Gérard, the first door you try is open. You don't know if it's because it's unlocked, or because you ripped it off of its hinges." -- GM

"(Gérard) can probably pull you through the chain link." -- GM to Brand

"Dude, what's wrong with (Julian's) language, man?" -- Randy to the group, after hearing Julian's twang

"You've all helped Caine escape and fulfill his master plot. So this is pretty much like any other Amber game." -- GM to the group

"Dude, it's not the Unicorn, it's fucking Julian." -- G-Man to Randy
"The Unicorn is fucking Julian? I thought it was the other way around." -- GM

"So apparently I'm getting chocolate-smeared nuts with ice cream." -- Matt Andrews to the group

"I cast my spell that transfers the money from everyone else into my pants." -- Brand to GM
"I see a fatal flaw with that plan if his skirt doesn't have pockets." -- Kris Fazzari
"I see a fatal flaw with that plan since he's casting that spell while invisible." -- GM

"You're completely frozen in place." -- GM to the group
"Can I flare my nostrils in a spellish fashion?" -- Brand

"You can smoke (your cigarettes) later, after you're dead." -- GM to Brand

"Can I conjure enough of anything to fill this room? How about bees?" -- G-Man to GM

"I should totally try this trick with Benedict sometime." -- G-Man to the group, still conjuring the bees that are now stinging Brand
"Yes, but Benedict always anticipates bees." -- Matt Andrews

"Yes, Dara, the fat, three-legged chick. With tusks." -- GM to the group
"Who's the first of her line who can pass for human." -- Matt Andrews

"You're naked, being stung by bees and carrying cigarettes. Oh wait, you've still got some of your thong." -- GM to Brand

"The horses are kind of skittish - there's magic flying around, and lights shattering, and people falling in front of them, and people...tackling them. This is not a good place for a horse to be." -- GM to Julian

"Do I tackle the horse?" -- G-Man
"You definitely knock it askew." -- GM

"Is Benedict watching (Dara ravish Brand)?" -- Madeline Ferwerda
"No, Benedict's joining in." -- GM

"Nothing can compare to a Dara/Benedict sandwich." -- GM to Brand

"You guys were going to get caught, so Brand really took one for the team." -- GM to the group
"Took two, I'd say." -- Brand
"Three if you count the tusks." -- GM

"I got what I wanted, I just got so much more." -- Brand, summing up the adventure


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