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DSM on the Radio

Damn Sexy Man has gotten some more radio airtime. One of our greatest hits, WOMEN'S LIB, was featured on Ann Arbor's KOOL107 radio program - Homegrown!

Click here to listen to us on the radio!


DSM is back in the Movies

Kalamazoo? the Movie

The Silver Screen loves Damn Sexy Man! Yep, we’re in the movies once again,
but this time for our music. One of our crowd favorites, One By One, was
chosen out of a hundred songs to be featured in the indie comedy Kalamazoo and on
its soundtrack; due for released in January of 2005. Londinium Films, a
Hollywood based company, produced the film and it was shot entirely in - you
guessed it - Kalamazoo, Michigan! And from what’ve seen, it looks hilarious. It’s
always great to be a part of movie magic! Check it out for yourself at:



Super Sucker the Movie

Aaron Toronto (DSM) has a small but vital role, in Jeff Daniel's movie "Super Sucker", portraying an agent of the “American’s Against the Sexual Abuse of Home Appliances (AASAHA).” Yep, you read that right. But you’ll have to rent the movie to figure that one out. You’ll also see several other familiar faces including Matt Letscher (The Mask of Zorro) and Harve Presnell (Saving Private Ryan). For more info check online at:



DSM Mission Statment

Our mission is to have fun creating and performing music together in the spirit of artistic expression...blah, blah, blah.


The DSM Story

The story begins on a little street called Maiden Lane in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chris and I first met when we kept passing each other every morning as we were walking to our respective places of employment. Every time we‘d see each other we’d give the standard “what’s up nod.” I kept thinking, “that guy seems like he belongs in a band; I wonder if he plays music.” Recently, I had stopped singing with the band I had been in previously, “FenderHead,” mainly because my brother David, the drummer, had gone to Las Vegas. So at the time I was trying to put something new together.

For some reason I felt like I should just ask this guy if he plays guitar, but you just don’t approach people on the street anymore like you could in the days of yore. Beside, he was a white man with a huge Afro, which was initially very intimidating. So I didn’t say anything. Then one day I saw him carrying a guitar case and I decided I would say something. But I didn’t right away cause, you know, the whole “why the heck would a person talk to someone they don’t know on the street at 7:30 in the morning in the dead of winter,” thing.

So I waited, and nodded. Waited and nodded. Then, finally, while we were walking past the Mr. Pita I said, in a low voice, “Hey, do you play guitar?” He said, “I don’t know, I try.” I said, “Well, I‘m trying to put a band together, do you want to play sometime.” He said, “Yeah sure. I’ll jam with anybody.” I said, “Cool.” He said “I’m Chris, who are you?” I said, “My name’s Aaron.” He said, “Nice to meet you, I’ll bring you a demo of some of my stuff tomorrow.” I said, “Great. I’ll see you later.” He said, “Cool.” And we went our separate ways. He then proceeded to tell all his co-workers he was worried some random guy tried to pick him up on his way to work. Though I was flattered, I was already happily married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Anyway, before we played a note of music we shot a short film. My brother Matt had written a screenplay and I mentioned this to Chris one day as we were continuing to talk in the mornings on our way to work. So I gave him a copy and he said, “Let’s shoot it.” He had been working at a media firm and had access to digital cameras, etc. We picked a day, took over a train station, and shot a movie called “A Beam In Your Eye.” It’s a great little flick. You should all see it sometime. That project helped us get to know each other a bit better and soon thereafter we sat down and played some music together.

We seemed to click musically right away, and from that point we wrote about twenty or so songs in four months. In the short history of DSM the period of those first few months was our most prolific song-writing season. It was really a blast. Every time we got together both of us were saying, “I got a new song!” We could barely keep up with ourselves. It was also around this time that we started going to open mics and all that. It’s always scary to put your stuff out into the real world for the first time, but we pressed on. Then on June 27th, 2002, we played our first gig longer than three songs. For about an hour and a half we harmonized with Espresso machines and South State Street traffic in a little coffeehouse in downtown Ann Arbor. It was good fun.

For you buffs out there, what is the official sport of DSM? I’ll give you a couple hints! It starts with a “foo” and involves no running of any kind. Got it? No? Ok one more hint. It’s the best and only way to relieve stress during long rehearsals. Give up? Well then come to one of our shows and you can ask us.

Anyway, that’s our story so far. Thanks for visiting our website; we hope you enjoy yourselves. If you get a chance, sign our guest book and we’ll see you soon!


What the heck does DSM mean !!?

If you would like to tell us what you think DSM means
drop us a line
or post it in our Guest Book

Do Souls Move___________________________________Jennifer Haney
Dynamic Sound Monument________________________Chris Hedly
Digital Syndrome Madness
Dare Some More______________________________Corey Hall
Dirty Singing Monsters (my favorite)
Deutsches Schifffahrts Museum
(German Marine Museum) http://www.dsm.de
Dingi Sailing Masters
Deaf Say Moo
Deathly Sounding Music
Deferred Stock Market
Deformed Silly Maggots___________________________Stephan Kruse
Doopravdy Sikulky Muze! (that's Czech for
"Really Clever AND Skillful Men")_____________________J.J. Sydow
i love Derelict Sado Masochism_______________________Erin LaRowe
Depraved Sonic Machination__________________________Rick Groff
(alternatively Masturbation)
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition______________________Ray Phillips
*Dream Sex Magic____________________________________Danny Toronto
Des Moines International Airport, Des Moines, Iowa__Jeff Moore
Disco Surrounds Me____________________________Greg Sharp
Dealing with Salinger's Muse__________________________Daniel

*What is Dream Sex Magic? Well, it's the magical powers aquired by having wet dreams. Or, it is the magical powers aquired when you have sex that equals that ofyour wildest dreams.


DSM is not to be confused with such "bands" as

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
ESL (English as Second Language)
DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse)
TLC (circa: 1994 best known song “don’t go chasing water falls”, probably stands for what you think (tender loving care) but I really have not done my home work, so it’s a guess at best.
Run DMC (kicking with great lyrics like “pop pop pop POP goes the weasel ‘cuz the weasel goes pop…”)
AT&T (Atlantic telephone and telegraph)
BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)
IBM (International Business Machine)
DS-MAX (?)
DMF (Dumb Mother Flocker!)
BVD (http://www.fruit.com/gooddays.cfm)
LMNOP (children that think that there are only 22 letters in the alphabet)