Do you have a question for me? If so, I'd sure like to hear it. I don't care what you ask me, it can be about me or you, your mom, or your dead cat you ran over with your car (slick move). You know "Adam and Dr. Drew"?, well they are too busy to answer your questions, so just send them to me. I'm not going to answer them, or even read them....but sometimes it's just good to write these things know, to improve your handwriting.....what?.... you're using a computer?...oh, nevermind.

Send feedback to

If you don't send feedback, have a look at what you could be missing:




It has been awhile...


Can't say that I've run over any cats (or anyone else for that matter) lately, but there are bird parts in various sections of my yard thanks to one, or both of my cats. (cruiser and wiggles for those that are asking) (the cats names, not names that I've given the bird parts)(well, I do have a third cat, but she's rarely outside so I don't think it was courtesy of her.)(her name is daisy).

Found your webpage as I was looking for info on painted/picture rocks in Michigan. Have to say, that I found it one of the most entertaining sites I've seen. I've managed to spend the better part of my morning reading it-and being paid for it thanks to my company and the uneventful day that I'm having at the office.

Your photography was beautifully done, and I now have several places that I aspire to visit. Keep up the interesting and insightful page.


You haven't lived until you've run over a cat.

Your cats would have loved all the birds we recently saw at Starved Rock, except it may have been like torture seeing them all high above and out of reach, like a floating jar of cookies, that shits without discretion. This is the kind of thing that could provide your cats with the motivation they need to quit laying around the house all day and start putting some effort into building a personal rocketpack. You know what, that is probably a really dumb idea, they would probably design it to run on fossil fuels, furthering global warming. Moot point anyway, I'm sure your cats are content to lay around for a few million years in hopes that evolution will sprout them wings (stupid cats actually believe in evolution!!!).

It's nice that you think my site is one of the most entertaining you've seen, however, not knowing what other sites you think are entertaining, I can't really take that as a compliment. Maybe your favorite site is, which would be awesome. On the other hand, your favorite site could be something stupid like

I'm impressed with your use of parenthesis. Have you thought of a career in mathematics, or do you have social skills?

Thanks for the email, it's stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile, people who visit my site because they have absolutely nothing else to do. I wouldn't be here either if I had a life.


now i know what president bush meant when he referred to the "dark dungeons of the Internet" and when he said "It's a culture that somewhere along the line we begun to disrespect life, where a child can walk in and have their heart turn dark as a result of being on the Internet and walk in and decide to take somebody else's life."...or wait, no i dont...


having never been to hell myself, i could not comment on its likeness, or lack thereof, to my supposed site, which i have also never visited (what, do you think im a loser or something?)...all i know is that i strive to make my site as gay as possible (while still remaining within the bounds of good taste)...but i dont think i talk about my problems on here a lot...i dont talk about my problems at, some people would say that this fosters aggression but they are just stupid idiots who i can not even think of the words to describe because i am about ready to explode...i swear, the next time someone tells me to strap a time bomb to my chest i am saying "no"...i dont know how to stop this thing...but take for instance my problem about not talking about my problems, i have talked about that problem many times and it hasnt helped at all...anyways, i feel like my problems are already well documented enough in most introductory psychology books...the one im thinking of specifically is "lars is from mars and the rest of you are from venus"...which, incidentally, is not a book at all (although hopefully a tv movie one day!) and i think that only further confirms that i have no idea what you are talking about...or am i merely creating a distraction to avoid addressing your astute observations?...and what did i just do there, maybe i pointed out a distraction that wasn't really a distraction, just to distract you...and what's that over there? seems as though we are conducting this conversation amid a bevy of distractions, or that is what i would have you believe...but is it even a conversation?...could i have a conversation with you when you insist on being so insolent, try a little diplomacy...for instance, instead of saying "YOUR SITE US GAY AS HELL", you could say "hey, nice shirt...but oh my god your site is so gay IT IS HORRIBLE IT HURTS MY EYES AND MY BRAIN WHICH I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD GOD IT SUCKS SO BAD...but your shirt is ok"...and instead of "KNOW ONE WANTS TO HERE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS", try "hey, friend, talk away, im something else, so what do i care...about the rainforest, i mean does it really affect me...that youre talking about your problems...and ignoring the rainforest"...speaking of diplomacy, i caught the end of "survivor" tonight where they were voting on which of the final two would get the they are asked what they would do with the million dollars and colby says he'd buy a harley davidson...havent we learned anything from watching beauty contests? want world peace!...had he said he would use the money for world peace he would have won...tina said she was going to create some fund where the yearly accrued interest would go to help some family...thats great but we're currently in a recession so most likely a family is gonna have to pay for the negative interest each year, the woman is still strategizing her strategery...but getting back to the feedback, thanks, even though it could be construed as being negative (although i have figured out an alternate positive interpretation, it involves converting from one language to another and then back to english, its very complex, you dont want to get into it), im not like henry the 8th who needed to be surrounded by people who told him how great he was even when he wasnt and who executed anyone who said otherwise...although if i could execute you, i would...just joking, about the tv movie thing...oh, and dont take the execution thing personally, id execute anyone, childhood dream...


i dont even know what to say here...

I came across your thoughts on ketchup bottles while searching on and, believe it or not, I'm writing a story for The Wall Street Journal about plans to change the Heinz ketchup bottle. I'd like to interview you about why you find the glass bottles so annoying. Don't worry, this is a fun and, I hope, funny story. You can call me at 312 ***-**** or send me your number and I'll call you so you don't have to pay.
Jonathan Eig
The Wall Street Journal
(312) ***-****

the wall street journal?...oh my god this is a dream come true!...i have always dreamed about working for the wall street journal...i hear you give your janitors very good benefits and i bet i could work during the day since you guys mostly work at night...but seriously people, i would NEVER clean toilets as a job...i do that strictly for only question is why did it take heinz so long to realize that glass bottles suck for ketchup?..remember the first time you used a glass ketchup bottle?...i dont, but im guessing it went something like this: you unscrewed the cap and tilted the bottle expecting the ketchup to come gushing out onto your plate...but it refused to come out of that bottle like a child gripping the door of a school because they dont want to go home...wait a minute, that never happens...hey, perhaps if we taught school inside ketchup bottles the ketchup would be more apt to leave when you try to pour it out...ive seen ships inside bottles, im sure we could get a school into one...might have to grind it up into pieces first, but hey, then we could make one of those neat sand design things with it!...and sand pours fine out of a bottle, we could just eat sand on our fries!...and then when these arid countries complain that their inhabitants are starving to death we could just say what are you talking about?, youre living right near a desert full of it...its easy to come up with solutions to things when you just start thinking about it and let your mind know, ive actually seen some restaurants that use the plastic squeeze bottle but the squeeze bottles are ketchup colored instead of being, you end up thinking you have a full bottle of ketchup until your food comes and you pick up the bottle and realize its empty, then you have to wait for your waiter (sounds backwards doesnt it?) to come back so you can get a new bottle...i think they need to add a clear stripe on the side of the bottle like oil quarts have so you can see how much youve poured out...if heinz starts using squeeze bottles they will no longer be able to brag about how long it takes for their ketchup to pour...but the slow pouring rate was never indicative of a quality product, it was just poor container design...jello doesnt pour well out of a bottle either, do you want to put that on your fries?...what if it was ketchup flavored jello?...what if bill cosby said it tasted good?...ah, now you want to try it dont they have apple flavored jello?...because apples and tomatoes look similar so they should taste about the same...for those of you who are a little slow, ketchup is made from tomatoes...and apples are...wait a minute what the hell was i talking about...i mean back when i was talking about teaching school inside ketchup bottles, what the hell was i talking about?...anyways, when youre the first person who has to use the full glass ketchup bottle its like "hey, we've got a full bottle of ketchup here, someone is gonna have to sacrifice their knife to get this baby flowing..john, once i get the ketchup flowing i want you to quickly pass it to dave, he's got some fries there...and john, KEEP THE BOTTLE TILTED WHILE YOU PASS IT...if you set the bottle back upright we're gonna have to sacrifice another knife...we're gonna need to work as a team here, before i start, does anyone need to get up and go to the bathroom?..."...the reason i didnt use female names in that example is not because im sexist, i think we all know that girls just dont like ketchup...not when you rub it in their eyes least that has been my experience...well...uh...whatever...


this guy seems to think he knows me...i have no idea who he is...

i didn't check out your gay "skiing" pictures but instead i read all your shit "whatever" and crap. i would like to give you feedback--you better put it online. if you need to edit please do but try not to sway from its tasteful originality. here it goes:

O.k. So I've known Lars for eight years. Sure, one can say it's pretty long for friends who don't hang out regularly or only talk bi-monthly (annually). But the point being, he's always the same. I'm going to bust out some sensitive material, so for all you who could give a rat's ass take it up the ass and shut up.

Lars is one of the most creative and contemporary bullshiting artists I have ever known. So he's a loner (can you say head case ready to break out?) and really quiet when we hang BUT he's still Lars. He's my boy and nothing's gonna change that. Anyone can just see how there's so much emotion yet pure sarcastic crap on this homepage. At any rate, he makes the best out of his time sitting in front of the computer, unlike most you who spend the day at a dead end job or bumming off your parents or even as lonely janitors at your childhood elementary school. My point, if anyone could see Lars in person, you'd be like, "HI, I'M JOE" "Hi I think I'm Lars." (conversation dies). So, if you cyber freaks and geeks like his stuff, good, I could care less. But the point is, he's so fucking money and he doesn't even know it. O.k. so I used fuck. So that's twice. Now what? Will I be punished for using it? My ignorant ass could care less about that shit.

Here's a brutally frank thought or two for you Lars. You need to get your sorry ass out of Michigan, say L.A. or Paris. Not Ann Arbor. You need to get laid outside of the grazing apple trees of Wiard. You need play and lots of it. Here's a suggestion. Use all your necessary powers to get your ass out of Michigan. Look at all the shit you have on your homepage. I'm not saying its the best, though I 've seen little cos I could care a flying fuck about the world wide web, but it's good enough to have yourself a career as soon as you get out of Michigan (the school you retards).

O.k. so there's some built up anger and animosity aimed at something. Hell, if I knew I wouldn't waste my good for nothing sorry smelling no job "too qualified for this job" soon to be employed ass time. So, I've learned absolutely nothing at the prestigious University of Bolivia but no me importa! (that means, "eat me" in Monroleania).

Yada yada yada. Final thoughts Lars. Keep up the good shit. I could care less if you make it out of Michigan but since I've known you for so long I do care. Anyway, if you write some stupid ass sarcastic commentary along side this brilliant "feedback" I'll make sure one of my hacker buddies fucks your shit up. Comprende homes?

yes it has been 8yrs, yet not once have you remembered our is the guy that only calls me when he needs help moving or a ride to the airport...he may sound nice, but thats cos i cut off the bottom of his message where he said "Hey, now loan me $1000, fuckhead"....hes out in L.A. now trying to become the 6th backstreet boy or just joking...hes a cool guy, and we had fun moving his the first time we moved his stuff i rode in the back of the truck and the dumbass runs over a curb right as hes pulling out of his driveway and all his shit just goes flying all over the place because we had no clue about how to pack things, and like a good friend, i did nothing to try and save his crap, i just laughed my ass off...and one thing i did not think about is how it would be PITCH BLACK in the back of the truck since there are no windows and how jeff, yeah thats his name, drives like a maniac...actually, he kinda drives like my grandma, i was just trying to make the story better...just joking jeff, you know i love you, and if you were a girl id marry you...well, he does kind of look like a girl...and throw like one...hmm...once again, im joking...i would never marry him...but seriously people, jeff is one of the coolest people ive met, and i dont mean cool like he was quarterback of the football team and did all the cheerleaders, i mean hes down to earth cool...hes not full of bullshit like 99% of the rest of the people i meet...i mean he is, but he admits it...well he doesnt admit it, but its just so easy to see...i actually met him because our last names are near each other in the alphabet so we had lockers next to each other in high school...we never really hung out then, but for some reason we kept in contact while in college and later on we started getting together every so often and talking about shit...hed be like "life sucks" and id be like "yeah..." (conversation dies)...jeffs a guy who's not afraid to admit his own flaws and its nice to be around someone like that cos you dont feel like you have to put on some act about how you are a great individual even tho you know you suck inside...and you know we all suck inside...but anyways...this is like the longest feedback ever...yeah so he sends me an email kissing my ass and i reply by ripping on him...thats how you know we're good friends...either that or im just an ass...


feedback from someone who needs to have her mouth washed out with soap...

Wow, Lars. You are a sexy slut, can I be a sexy slut, too?

you know, in america i think all you have to do to be a slut is admit you like sex...if you want a challenge, try being a slut in australia or something...they are like rabbits down there...just joking, ive never been there, i dont know...i dont really know about the mating habits of rabbits either...ive just heard...but they are cute so, you know, thats fine if they reproduce a lot...but those nasty ass centipedes that i occasionally find in my room, well, i would not approve of slutty behavior by them...

I am an avid visitor of your splendid site. Do you have any suggestions for net-cretins such as myself?

splendid?...please, you are embarassing embarasses me that someone who says "splendid" visits my site...just joking, its all jolly good to far as what you should do, try going outside and facing the real cant hide behind your computer screen forever...unless you are really small...chances are tho, that you weigh 300lbs cos you never move your ass from that seat in front of your computer...the internet is for people who cant handle the real world, anyone who "hangs out" on the internet or has a webpage or something is a total probably even date people from the internet dont you? should be meeting drunk people at bars who only want to have sex with you, like the rest of popular culture, not meeting people on the internet by writing to please excuse me, i need to get back to my chat room...

YeP YeP i'mmmmmmmm meeeeeeee o0o0o aren't u happy??? LOL uhmmmmmmm yepperz, Yooooz my sex munky LOL!!

(OK, I just copied and pasted that because my brain doesn't work that way...)

happy?, extemely depressed...because there are people in this world who actually talk like is hard knowing there is something that great out there but you just cant have it...


this one is from Paul Steed, the 3D modeler at id software (makers of Doom, Quake, Quake II, Quake III: Arena, etc...basically the most kickass computer game maker there is and ever was)....just about fell out of my chair when i saw it was from him...

I actually spent quite awhile trolling through your musing. Keep it up.

one thing i pride myself on here at randomSPACE is treating everyone equally whether they are a celebrity or if paul werent a celebrity (in the computer gaming world) i might reply to his email like:
what the fuck?...all you have time for is to write a little one sentence email about my site?...couldnt you go into detail about how much you laughed after reading the "whatever" page, and how my artwork inspired all of the 3D models you made for QuakeIII:Arena...huh? just liked looking at the picture of rachel?...oh...

and if paul were a celeb like he kinda is, i would just reply with something almost identical to that:

please please please get me a job at id software...and if you cant get me that then how about a free copy of QuakeIII: Arena? bumper sticker?...come on...autograph from John Carmack?....he can even just type it out if you cant get him to write one in pen...i copied this autograph from him out of one of his emails:

John Carmack

but i would still like an original...

in case youre interested, here's one of the models paul made:

(i think Kennith Scott made the skin, and thanks to BluesNews for the shot)


there is life out there...

hey whats up? well i thought that your homepage was cool... well im a 17 female from michigan.... the northern part.... well if you ever get bored and wanna write me back you can my email is: *censored* ...well thats all for now...

what do you like most, my lack of punctuation or the way everything i say is pointless?...your thoughts seem very disconnected...did you find it hard to write that email?...sometimes it is hard...your mother made you eat broccolli when you were a kid didnt she? and you didnt like it did you? me tho, how do you like broccolli now?...its your favorite vegetable isnt it?...yes, i think it is...and when you were nine years old you fell off your bike and scratched your knee, didnt you?...ever since then you have hated your parents and been afraid to try new things can be scary...when you were 11 or 12 years old you peed on the toilet seat at school and when the teacher asked who did it you denied it didnt you? were embarrassed...its understandable...tell me, am i hitting close to home here? you find these things too painful to think about?...dont worry, we all have blemishes in our past which make us what we are today...things that we would like to forget, and yet if these things never happened to us we would probably not be who we are now...we would be someone else...someone who has never peed on a toilet seat...someone who has never been embarrassed...someone who has never been hurt...someone who has never felt anger...someone who has never made the wrong choice or said the wrong thing...and what is left? see, no one needs practice dealing with the good things in their life...what matters is how you deal with the bad things...because you know there will be bad things...


im just impressed i got the date right...more from my cousin...

i was just thinking how much of a jerk you are for the ping pong link, but then i figured out something. You didn't make me click on that link, you didn't stand behind me with a gun to my head, in fact you specifically told me not to click on it. See, I learn something from reading that Gatorade story. speaking of gators, sick picture. i liked your alphabet story, if you found an illustrator you could maybe get your childrens book published, you'd have to get rid of the last line, but what else rhymes with luck, duck, muck, suck(don't use that one either). i know it's your goal in life to be an author of childrens books

yes, you do have very good reading comprehension, but you better improve your grammar or im gonna sick rachel on you... if i found an illustrator?...i am an illustrator dammit...i have already illustrated that story, just not on the computer... perhaps i should do some illustrations on my computer...thatd be cool...but the last line stays...


i had to edit this cos it was just too long, sorry...

Hello Webauthor, I have visited your site a number of times.. You seem intense and talented. Perhaps a little more focus and organization might help to shape your webpage to the next level. I want to share my webart installation project with you. Visit my websites, as they were created in Prague: Mutant Eggplant, Post Me.

In case you are curious, I was born in Tokyo of Chinese parentage. I studied Art History at U of Hawaii, trained myself visually in Printmaking and had Art Exhibits in Miami, and Honolulu. I now reside in Tempe, Arizona. If you found me talking too authoritatively, it is because I am old enough to be your mother. The link page will be replaced by another one... I am currently working on with another artist.. we are also thinking of Medieval section for the Mutant Eggplant. Please email me your comment.

organization? focus?...maybe you didnt notice the name of the site, its called "RANDOMspace" random the kind of word i would use to describe my site if it were focused and organized?....maybe you are just referring to its informalness (see how informal it is? informalness isnt even a word, yet i still use it), things dont always flow (that didnt flow)...i agree, its goal is to just confuse people...if i ever make a site that is organized and formal, ill call it analSPACE..that could give some people the wrong idea tho...but seriously, i have broken the site up into 6 well marked categories, and then there are sub categories for each of those, that is the epitome of organization...but anyways, i am not trying to bring my site up to any level, i am trying to keep it at the same level, my level...i am actually not intense at all, i am very unintense...i have very few strong opinions, i just exaggerate everything when i write...why? i dont know, maybe to make it more im not intense, but i am you my comment?...what if i have more than one?...i had a chinese professor last semester who said that there is no such thing as a plural word in chinese, so comment=comments...thanks for calling me talented, im not sure what you think im talented at, but hopefully something good...thanks for visiting here a number of times, and sorry if i sounded harsh in the beginning of this reply, you didnt offend me by saying the site should be more organized, im not upset, i am not intense, i am exaggerating...


Two days in a row!...

I just visited your site and am very new at creating Web sites, but I loved the trick with the lights on and lights out. I viewed the "source" to see how you did it, but can you tell me more. Any hints on things like that would be appreciated. Thanks.

well thanks...oh, wait a looked at my html source?...thats like lifting up some girls skirt to see her underwear, i know you want to do it, but its rude...its better if you just drop something near her and then look up when you are picking the thing up...did you see that movie "Splash"?, you might want to watch the beginning because it shows how to look up a girls skirt by dropping quarters near the girl...but anyways, i think that is really sick of you to want to be looking up a girls skirt...have some respect...but i was just kidding you about looking at my html source, i encourage it, i learned most of what i know by looking at other peoples source...i learned how to change background colors onmouseover for the "lights" by looking at this sites source html...but, you don't have to go there if you don't want, because i have just created a new page called "html", for you and anyone else, where i will explain how i did the stuff on my site...check it out here...and let me know if you still have questions...


I didnt know they had computers in egypt...

hey there !! i loved ur website it is really great, especially the picture ur little bro. did. anyways i was just soo suprized when i heard u lived in ann arbor michagan, bec. my grandmother and aunt live in michagan, but in grosse pointe..and my grandmother is a doc. in MSU u might know her, her name is Suzy * * ...and my mom went to U Of M just like u :o) i am planning on going to U Of M for collage... but i still have three years to go :o) u r probably wondering by now who the hell i am well about me my name is Amina * * i am 14 years old and i live in egypt.. i was also wondering if u can help me with my web site if u can visit it and tell me what u think 'bout it well i hope i wasn't wasting ur time.. and i hope u will write back soon thanx

i think people have complimented that pic my little bro did more than anything i have ever done on this site...if i had known this was going to happen, i never would have posted it...i think you will like it here in Ann Arbor if you decide to go to school at UofM, although i really have no idea what things are like in Egypt, when i think Egypt i think pyramids...the UofM social work building has a nice glass pyramid in its courtyard so that should make you feel at prepared to work your butt off at UofM tho, if you are looking for something a little easier, you could go to MSU where your grandma is...actually, i think you could probably go to MSU right now at 14 and be at the top of your class even if you never studied....but you don't want to go to MSU, besides being inferior acedemically to UofM, they also always lose to UofM in sports...sure, i will help you with your web page, but you didnt give me the address...and you arent wasting my time, i like getting email...but try to compliment me a little more ok? need to compliment my little bro, he is too young to understand joking, thanks...
visit his site here:


It's been awhile, lets see if i can remember how to do this...

Lars: Thanks for coming by my site. I decided to reciprocate and visit yours. Very cool! I especially like your layout and the sketches. I'm jealous. By the way, where did you get those nifty spiral thingys or how did you create them?

sketches?...what sketches?...there are no sketches on this site, how dare you refer to my drawings as "sketches"...i spent weeks drawing those, sketches can be made in 5, im kidding...thanks for your compliments, and thanks for taking the time to email me, it has been awhile since anyone has done something that kind for me...i made the spiral graphic myself with Paint Shop Pro...i will have to send you an email with more details cos im not sure if anyone else would want to hear about it...oh, no one else comes to this page?...what are you trying to say? actually not all that concerned with people coming here, i just like to create and design things...if i can touch just one childs life, well, then it will all be worth dont have to thank me for going to your site, it was my pleasure...
visit his site here:


Feedback from the Vegetable...

Yeah, your new updated page is real good. Looks like a happening spot. Maybe a little on the talky side, but at least you have some good things to say. I like that drawing of the Native American --- that is probably what I will look like in about 20 years when I am 46. Also, your friend Rachel is pretty nice looking -- could you put up some more pictures of her?
Wondering why you have that speech by K.Vonnegut -- you know that thing was a hoax, don't you? He had nothing to do with that speech. Will check back on your new stuff sometime. ----- Vegetable

after getting a ticket today, its nice to hear a few positve things...Yeah, it's on the talky side, but what else can I do?...its just a homepage....more pictures of Rachel?...that would be up to her...but if you just want to look at nice looking women, buy a playboy....and what do you mean the Kurt Vonnegut speech is a hoax?....if he didnt write it, who did?...find out here


It's comments like these that make it all seem worth while...

On a bathroom wall here at UC Berkeley, someone had written a couple of URLs and said to check them out, so I did. One of them was for your page. I thought it was awful! No, not really. I thought it was terrible! Fooled you again. Yes no it's really pretty good. Honest. But get rid of the black background. Go for Is it snowing in Ann Arbor today?
The other URL was for a site at --- pretty sick. I wouldn't recommend it.

bathroom wall, are you serious?...i had no idea my homepage would ever reach such sorry, but i like the black background, i think light colors tend to look "cheap"....whatever i mean by are you crazy?...when you get your URL on a bathroom wall ill start taking advice from you...this might just be a coincidence, but i vacationed at UC Berkeley over spring break last kidding, i was in michigan the whole time, working on this damn homepage....snowing in Ann Arbor?...not really, we dont get much snow anymore...but it is pretty cold...thanks for your comment


Since I have nothing else to post, more from the Crystal P...

Hi -- this is the Crystal Pegasus again -- Sorry to hear the award graphic didn't come across... In my opinion, a dry sense of humor is very complimentary -- it's subtle, witty and usually original -- your site is hilarious -- thanks!

no, thank YOU....compliment me again and I'm going to marry you...but first, i noticed you copied one of my graphics to your site, that is illegal and i will prosecute you accordingly...just kidding... i won't prosecute lawyers will...(jk)


Another boring compliment...i think...

See Lars, its not really that tough (this HTML stuff). Your second page is much nicer. If I were you I'd hire your kid bro as your graphics designer, that second image (mike2) is fantastic. Encourage him, he looks like he gonna have more talent than his big brother! 8-) The block quote idea will really help as will a mailto tag on your feedback page.

Reply:, it is not tough at all...this HTML stuff...i'll tell mike you like his picture...not only is he better as a graphic artist, but he just kicked my ass in hockey too...ok, i think the block qoutes look good when you are running a real high resolution, but i am way back at 800x600 and space is valuable so i dont like the indentation...and guess what? there already are two mailto tags, both are on the "FeedBack" is at the bottom, the other is linked to the header image, ill label it as such i guess...Rachel was right...thanks for the input...Goto his page


Someone must have accidentally sent me this, but, I'll take it...and run...

Congratulations! You have been selected as this month's recipient of the Crystal Award of Excellence, presented to you by the Crystal Pegasus. View entire Award Message

thank you, thank you...there are just a few people I'd like to spell checker, Rachel graphics designer, Lars writer, Lars layout specialist, Lars Jensen...and none of us could do any of this without the fans, so I'd like to thank my fan, Lars Jensen...Seriously people, I'd like to take this time, if I could, to talk about the serious turmoil going on in China right, not really...thanks for the award, it was nice, even if you didnt include the .gif like you said you would...and what do you mean I have a dry sense of humor? that a compliment?...dry skin is bad, dry mouth is bad, dry soil is bad(for farmers), but dry humor is good?...


Ladies and gentlemen, i give you, my first feedback comment, its nothing exciting, but it is the first documented evidence that someone besides me has visted this site:

I just looked at your first and second Web sites on Sprynet and you're definitely improving. One minor suggestion: the use of <blockquote> tags would give you margins on both sides of your pages, and I think that makes a site look much more professional.

well, thank you...i dont know what a <blockquote> is but i'll find out...the guy who wrote that has a site at ...its supposed to be for helping people with designing web go check it out myself, but i think my page is already too damn good...see people, you send feedback and i give you a free plug...thats just the kind of guy i am...ok, i just skimmed the pittstop page, worth checking out....i see what a blockqoute is now cos i forgot to escape them at first, and i think you might be right...2/28/98 this page now officially uses <blockquote>'s


I haven't really gotten any feedback yet...either you guys are a bit shy, or no one visits this if i had any money i'd bet it on the second one...but just in case its the first, let me break the ice by asking the first question...

Hey Lars, you know how when you were a kid and you were at a restaurant and you had to go to the bathroom you would ask your parents?...well, what do you do when you get older and you are out with some friends at a restaraunt and youve got to go, just get up and go or do you tell them?

Thats a tough call...on the one hand, if you just get up and go they might start thinking you dont like them or that you left your wallet in the car or something crazy like that, but on the other hand, is it really necessary to tell them you are going to the bathroom? do they want to know this?...answer is, they probably I advise you that you not only tell them you are going to the bathroom, but tell them specific details of what you plan to do in there also...god damn i am so sick of this...sarcasm