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  • Overflow Pages

    • Linguistics   I'm a linguist; been one for a long time. So the first thing I looked for
      on the Web was linguistics. My collection eventually got so big that I had to put
      all my Language and Linguistics links on a separate page.
    • Mathematics   The Neglected Humanity
      I teach a Math Appreciation course called Gödel, Escher, Bach (also known as
      Math For Poets) in the R.C.   All my Mathematics links are on a separate page
      for that class, but you're welcome to use it.
    • Computing is a big topic on the Web, with an awful lot of useful and interesting
      resources. I used to have a big collection, but I've put them on a class page for
      my R.C. course Language and Computing. You're welcome to use them, too.

  • Reference Tools

    U Michigan -- some of these are restricted to folks with U Michigan logins
  • My series of Frequently Asked Questions about English grammar and usage,
        as posted on alt.usage.english
  • The Oxford English Dictionary  (restricted -- UM has a site license)
  • The Internet Public Library, at the U.M. but not of it.
  • Humanities Text Initiative
  • Information Technology Division's Online Documentation Database
  • New Internet Resource Guide for Students and Teachers   A very complete list.
  • Reference Bookshelf (from U-M Library)
  • English Guide (Vicki Mudry)
  • MIRLYN  University Library Catalog
  • Texts, and like that

  • The Camille Pagliameter by Jutta Degener.
  • The Oxford Text Archive
  • The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, Univ of VA
  • The Economist is one of the finest news magazines in the world.
  • HyperText Fiction
  • Kalevala in Finnish.
  • The Library Electronic Text Resource Service LETRS, get it?
  • Film and Video from SILS
  • The Utne Lens Web version of the Utne Reader
  • geekgirl
  • British National Corpus
  • Electronic Text
  • Yellow Silk
  • Disclaimers  The Ultimate Footnote.
  • Johnson's Revenge
  • CMU On-Line Books Page
  • WWW-VL: Electronic Journals
  • Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
  • Cartoons vs Criticism  Is this Post-Modern or merely post?
  • The Cyrano Server   "... and as you conclude, thrust home!"
  • The Surrealist Compliment Generator Engineer your aunt!
  • Project Galactic Guide  A really ambitious project.
  • Lit Links
  • Cultural Studies Conference in Tampere, Finland (July 1-4, 1996)
  • Vermont Text gopher
  • Gateways

  • The one, the only University of Michigan
  • U-M University Library Web Home Page
  • Welcome to Netscape!   Really!
  • Lunar Institute of Technology
  • IATH home page (U Va)
  • Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
  • UNC SunSITE home page
  • Internet Book Shop
  • Copyright Clearance Center Online  A vanishing breed, with any luck.
  • Smithsonian Table of Contents
  • Starwave Corporation
  • ( (Apple > Computer) > ( (World > Wide) > ( (Technical > Support) > (Home > Page) ) ) )
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction  I've been reading SF since the (19)40's and find
    I agree with the Panshins' claim that it's the true mythology of the twentieth century. I'm far more fond of the written than the filmic versions; but that's just old-farthood, no doubt.
    In Tonio Roque's words:
          I pledge allegiance to the form
          of science fiction and fantasy
          and to the promise for which it stands:
          one world,
          genetically engineered,
          with Internet access for all.

  • BUCCONEER: The 56th Annual World Science Fiction Convention. Which was held
        August 5th through 9th, 1998, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Earth.
    Science Fiction is unusual among literary genres in that it holds annual
    World Conventions, at which thousands of fen [plural of fan] and their favorite
    authors (or auteurs) mingle. Great fun and highly recommended. Here are 1998 Hugo Awards from Bucconeer.
  • The Internet Top 100 SF Books
  • Basement Full of Books
  • Known Space Page   Larry Niven's universe.
  • Great A'Tuin   Terry Pratchett's (... er ...) universe.
  • Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
    "He's faster than a speeding bullet. He's more powerful than a locomotive.
    He's able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Why can't he get a girl?"
  • Jack Vance Archive
  • Mark Rosenfelder's Language Construction Kit
    Finally, somebody put together the linguistic science that science fiction writers need to know to make up languages reasonably. Good advice, and a pretty good introduction to linguistic analysis.
  • There are a lot of pages devoted to Robert A. Heinlein.
  • Read rec.arts.sf-lovers  Usenet SF group
  • Dr. Who at University College, Dublin
  • SF RIYL Page Intro
  • Feminist SF
  • Index of Lysator SF Texts (Sweden)
  • Book Reviews by a German fan
  • U-M Fantasy and Science Fiction Home Page
  • Science  What you need in order to have Science Fiction

  • Strawberry Poptart Blowtorches Don't do this at home
  • Extremely strange science
  • Univ of Michigan Biology Dept Homepage
  • Species Level: Danaus plexippus (Monarch butterfly) from UM Bio 108
  • Helios science news, a new service.
    Kind of frenetic, and big on PR; now affiliated with MSNBC.
    (I'd wait to see what they provide besides links and advertising, myself.)
  • The Master Clock: it ticks for thee
  • Insanely Great Science Websites
  • Geek Site of the Day
  • The Laws List   Codex Juris Scientificis
  • Kepler's and Newton's Laws
  • Telecom Resource List, by Jeff MacKie-Mason
  • Weather Map from MIT
  • Two impressive services from Michigan State University
  • Earthquake Information from:   UC Davis, The US Government, and The Economist.
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory and Nova's Volcano Page
  • Geological Sciences 107: Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    a deservedly popular course at Michigan
  • The Nine Planets
  • Mars Atlas
  • Today at NASA and NASA Home Page
  • Track the Space Shuttle's orbit in real time
  • Bradford Robotic Telescope
  • Comet Hale-Bopp
  • Planetary Linguistics
  • Ballistic programs Run them on the computer of the Lunar Institute:
    orbital calculation, specific impulse, delta-V, relativistic time-dilation, etc.
  • Useful HyperLinks from the UM Astronomy Dept.
  • Name a Neutrino!
  • Home Planet
  • Home Pages

  • Brian Kernighan  The best writer in computer science, which isn't saying nearly enough.
  • Timothy Leary Death's Doorstep, cheerfully decorated
  • Robert Andrew Lentz, with lots of astronomy links
  • Fergal Murphy
  • Mad Scientist
  • The Scott List
  • Matthew Jetmore
  • Drew Lanz
  • Angus McIntyre
  • Willard E. Love
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Yanoff 95
  • Global  There's a whole world out there...

  • Diario de Yucatán, in Mérida, which is soon to celebrate its 500th anniversary
  • Nunatsiaq News, an English-Inuktitut newspaper serving Eastern Arctic Canada
  • Today's News from Deutsche Welle (in German)
  • De Digitale Stad, in Dutch
  • Hong Kong Supernet
  • Two sites from the Australian National University: Coombsweb, a Social Sciences server, and Asian Studies.
  • Byrd Polar Research
  • Irish University Sites
  • Canadian Maps
  • Metasites  Very large collections of links

  • Interesting Times, an annotated hotlist maintained by Jutta Degener, a graduate student in Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin. Well-named, with an incredible amount of useful (and extremely amusing) information. I've stolen lots of links from it.
  • Lists...   (one wonders whether HTML should be considered a List Processing Language)
  • Cool Site of the Day
  • What's Hot & Cool (MEDIUM)
    A fringe fanatic's guide to the strange, different, avant garde, and just plain weird.
  • WELL Chosen Sites Web pages on the WELL (get it?)
  • Homo Ludens -- 140K of links to everything from The Netherlands.
  • WWW Power Index
  • Meng Weng Wong The single most substantive page on the Web, if he does say so himself.
  • Net Searching

  • Alta Vista, from Compaq, (née Digital Equipment Corporation). It even translates.
  • Deja News searches Usenet news postings.

    Look in All news groups Linguistics and Language groups only
  • Yahoo, hierarchical structure, including the "Other Web Searchers" page, and not including Yeeeoww!, its antiparticle.
  • Others: Search.Com, Lycos, InfoSeek, and WebCrawler
  • GlOSS (Glossary-of-Servers Server), a Stanford informatics project
  • Submit It!, Website promotion and marketing
  • Government and other information

  • Government ...
  • Other...
  • Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/S.E. Michigan Local Area

  • Ann Arbor Community High School
  • Grex
  • Borders Books and now Music and Coffee. What's next?
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • The Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor
  • UM Humanities Collaboratory
  • (Mostly Michigan) People
  • Miscellaneous

  • Today.Com
  • EMCSR 98
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Sound Photosynthesis
  • Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

  • Last change 9/13/98 John Lawler.