Online Appendix:

The Unix
Reference Desk

by Jennifer Myers
Amazingly thorough

UNIXhelp for users
Well designed instructional pages

O'Reilly & Associates
Books about Unix (with funny animals on the covers)

General Resources

For tolerably obvious reasons, Unix is documented very thoroughly and broadly on the Internet. Much if not most of the Net runs on Unix boxes, and many if not most of the people who publish on the Web are familiar with Unix, and frequently enthusiastic about it. The result is a vast potpourri of information.

Before we get to the rest of the potpourri, here are a few sources that I think of as the "Look Here First" category. They are all authoritative, informative, interesting, well-structured, and worth your attention. Plus, you can find almost anything about Unix through them.


vi: the basics

Man pages:
emacs vi ex ed


Ex is the major Unix line editor, a later and more powerful version of the first Unix editor, ed. Emacs and vi are the two major Unix screen editors. Emacs is part of the GNU distribution, and is extremely powerful; vi is part of all versions of Unix, and is the visual version of the ex line editor (in fact, ex's "v" command runs vi). Like many linguistic theoretical issues, the design philosophy of editors and the experience of their users with them has stimulated debate and partisanship which sometimes assumes theological proportions.


Introduction to Unix

Coping With Unix

UNIX tips

Unix Command Reference

Basic UNIX

General Tutorials

Everybody knows that the documentation is awful.
Just about everybody thinks they could do better.
These people have.

Written by professionals for the most part (though the range of professions is pretty broad), these range from baby-steps introductions for the totally clueless to lab instructions for particular scientific applications.

Among them, they cover almost all the basics of Unix in a variety of styles and approaches.

If you don't like any of these, there are plenty more where they came from:

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