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The Just Don't Do It Campaign at the University of Michigan
The U. of Michigan's contract with Nike
Where it all began
Nike's track record
Nike drops the ball--the Andrew Young report
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Organizations, Resources, and References
Appendix 1. Breakdown of costs for a pair of Nike shoes
Appendix 2. Leak of the Ernst & Young report from Nike Headquarters

Nike FACTs and FAQs

Nike's labor abuses ...
FACT #1. Nike violates local minimum wage laws, pays subsistence wages and illegally forces massive overtime.
        FAQ #1. Why do people keep taking the jobs?
FACT #2. Nike subjects workers (90% young women and girls) to criminally dangerous, brutal sweatshops.
        FAQ #2. Do other shoe companies act the same way?
FACT #3. Nike supports military dictatorships that crush labor unions and worker protest.
        FAQ #3. Do Nike jobs raise living standards in the long run?

Nike's advertising contract with the University of Michigan ...
FACT #4. Nike gets cheap, tax-deductible advertising, secret product testing, training for PR flacks, prestige, etc.
        FAQ #4. What’s wrong with Nike ads?
FACT #5. UM student-athletes and athletic staff lose precious freedoms of expression and self-determination.
        FAQ #5. Are athletes critical of Nike?
FACT #6. UM gets shoes ’n stuff—"donations" indirectly from oppressed workers and gouged consumers.
        FAQ #6. Do we need Nike?
FACT #7. UM and other schools can help change Nike’s behavior by stopping the ads and the critical silence.
        FAQ #7. Who makes the decisions around here?

Nike's propaganda lies ...
FACT #8. Nervous, Nike insults everyone’s intelligence with its intensive campus PR using Nike-paid "reports".

List of references ...
The information in this document comes from Nike’s own internal reports, from respected news organizations, and from independent human rights investigations, all recent (1996-97)—references are in square braces, sources listed at the end, along with ways to get further details, examples, and analysis. Though most available research concerns Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, where Nike concentrates the bulk of its factories, there is reason to expect similar conditions elsewhere in the world. The UM/Nike contract was attained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Recent Just Don’t Do It Campaign actions have involved: Coalition of Asian Social Work Students, College Democrats, East Timor Action Coalition, Environmental Action, Environmental Clearinghouse, Environmental Issues Committee of MSA, Environmental Justice Group, Free Mumia Coalition/Anti-Racist Action, Global Exchange, Guild House Campus Ministry SIGN, Huron Valley/Student Greens, Overseas Development Network, Solidarity, Student Peace Action at UM, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 951, Vietnamese Student Association, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

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