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The Future of Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies

26 February – 2 March 2005
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort
Kona, Hawaii

20 April: pdf's of talk slides posted in program link

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Mapping the emergence of galaxy clusters over cosmic time offers an opportunity to test the nature of the dark energy and dark matter that has controlled our past and governs our fate. This international conference will bring theorists, observers, and computational modelers together to prepare a roadmap for the extraction of cosmological information from future large surveys.

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Topical Sessions:
   Dark Matter Clustering
   X-ray and SZ Surveys
   Intracluster Plasma
   Computational Models
   Galaxy Content
   Optical Surveys
   Gravitational Lensing
   Future Prospects
Organizing Committee:
   M. Arnaud (Saclay)
   J. Carlstrom (Chicago)
   H. Ebeling (Hawaii)*
   E. Ellingson (Colorado)
   A. Evrard (Michigan)
   C. Frenk (Durham)
   P. Henry (Hawaii)*
   N. Kaiser (Hawaii)*
   G. Luppino (Hawaii)*
   I. Szapudi (Hawaii)*
   M. White (Berkeley)

*Local Organizing Committee