Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics presents
The LHC and Dark Matter Workshop
January 6-10, 2009

LECTURE HALL: 340 West Hall
University of Michigan Central Campus
1085 S. University Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48109



There are good arguments that some particles produced at the LHC should decay into dark matter, and that dark matter particles should be directly produced there.  There may also already or soon be evidence from indirect and direct experiments for dark matter.  To confirm what is seen is indeed the dark matter of the universe it will be essential to compute the relic density for any candidate, since the relic density for a candidate cannot be measured, and to confirm that the different experiments are all seeing the same candidate.

To explore these issues the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics will have a workshop from January 6-10, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.  The emphasis will be on the LHC-DM connections and on how to measure couplings and DM candidate mass at the LHC and in indirect and direct experiments, and what is needed to compute the relic density, including relevant cosmological history.  Signals from experiments will be presented, but generally not limits or future experiments. We expect active participation from ATLAS and CMS on issues related to our focus. Data from indirect experiments (e.g. PAMELA and GLAST) will also be presented.  We expect a good mix of theorists and experimenters.

We plan to have roughly five "plenary" talks a day starting around 11am. This should leave leave considerable time for unstructured discussion and interactions.  In particular, we hope small groups will take advantage of these times to meet and explore relevant topics in detail.  For example, some people might wish to discuss in more detail the feasibility of reconstucting the Dark Matter mass using collider tools, or the future of Dark Matter direct detection.  Those interested in organizing or participating in such subgroups, or presenting relevant work should let organizers know.

There is some (but limited) funding available to help defray expenses for some participants.  Please let us know if you need financial assistance. There will be no registration fee (but please do register so we can plan for space and activities) and no formal written proceedings.



Questions?  Please contact the workshop secretary at mctp@umich.edu