Sponsors' Events
Bain & Company

Bain & Company is excited to announce that they’re opening up the opportunity for Michigan graduate students to learn about consulting careers in an information session/networking event on Monday, March 16th from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Eligible applicants will be pursuing a Ph.D., JD, MD, Postdoc, or Medical Residency/Fellowship and will be recruiting for full-time employment to begin in the fall of 2020 and onwards into 2021. Please use this Curious About Consulting registration link to ‘RSVP’ for this event as soon as possible, if interested.

ClearView Healthcare Partners

ClearView is a premier life sciences consulting firm based in Boston serving clients in the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic spaces. ClearView is seeking motivated individuals who plan to graduate between 2020 and 2021 with a PhD in the life sciences or an MBA. If you are interested in an enriching professional experience within the life sciences, please apply at the link. Also consider applying for the 3-Day connection to ClearView program before April 6th, 2020. Full-time Applications are accepted from PhD, MBA, and postdoc candidates through April 10, 2020 for the Life Sciences Strategy Consultant position to begin in summer or fall of 2020 or 2021 (e.g., MBA or PhD students entering their last year of study). If selected, candidates will be invited to interview in April/May of 2020.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Co. will be continuing their advanced degree consulting program, applicable for recipients of doctorates, medical, law, or non-business master's degrees. Many of the skills and strengths acquired over rigorous academic work can be directly applied to a management consulting setting. If you are a motivated individual planning to graduate graduate between fall 2020 and summer 2021 please apply for a full time position at the link. Also consider applying for the 3-Day Insight program for an introduction to consulting before March 29th, 2020.