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Current Courses

Advanced Energy Solutions (ME433 and AUTO533, Fall and Winter terms)
Introduction to the challenges of power generation for a global society using thermodynamics to understand basic principles and technology limitations.  Covers current and future demands for energy; methods of power generation including fossil fuel, solar, wind, and nuclear; associated detrimental by-products; and advanced strategies to improve power densities, efficiencies and emissions.

Lean Program Engineering (AUTO512, Winter term)
This course provides an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate mastery of critical lean product design engineering disciplines within the context of an automotive vehicle program team.  The course identifies and integrates engineering skills, tools, and processes required for successful automotive vehicle project planning and completion consistent with lean product development principles.


Previous Courses

Introduction to Combustion (ME432)
Introduction to combustion process; combustion thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and combustion transport. Chain reaction, ignition, quenching and flammability limits, detonations, deflagrations and flame stability. Introduction to turbulent premixed combustion. Applications in IC engines, furnaces, gas turbines and rocket engines.

Practical Spectroscopy (ME599)
This is an introductory to intermediate graduate-level course intended to provide a practical understanding of spectroscopy for engineering applications. Spectroscopy is the interaction of light with matter. As such, spectroscopy is the basic principle behind many engineering diagnostic methods used in research laboratories and industry. The primary objective of the course is to teach the background theory necessary for basic application and interpretation of optical diagnostics, particularly for interrogation of flow properties such as species concentrations, pressure, temperature, velocity and particle loadings (i.e. particle number densities), for example.


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