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The government of Ann Arbor is launching the largest scale political witchhunt in the history of the city. Its target is the entire active antiracist movement.

On May 9th, 1998, the Ann Arbor city government shelled out $137,000 of public money to stage rally of the Ku Klux Klan. The city government rolled out the red carpet, and providing the violent racists with a police-chauffeured shuttle service. Despite government bankrolling, the KKK rally was shut down halfway through. This important victory was secured largely through the effort and coordination of NWROC and ARA.

Now, the same government that said "cost is no issue" when it came to presenting itself as the defender of the civil liberties and free speech for the KKK is sparing no expense to suppress the civil liberties and free speech of antiracists. The same government that has not spent a dime challenging the KKK’s "right" to rally at the city hall under the protection of an army of police is now sparing no expense witchhunting the opponents of the KKK and Nazis.

What is the crime of those charged? Their only "crime" is opposing the government-bankrolled attempt by the Ku Klux Klan to set up their hateful operation here in southeast Michigan.

The men and women who are being dragged into court by the government witchhunt are among the hundreds of people who opposed the May 9th rally by the KKK in Ann Arbor. They are black, Latino, Asian and white, male and female, politically affiliated and independent. They include long time Ann Arbor residents and University of Michigan  students, range in age from 15 into their 60’s and come from all walks of life.

They are people who share the conviction of a nearly unanimous majority of citizens of Ann Arbor who do not want the KKK rallying, recruiting, burning churches or making other attacks in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti community and who oppose the government spending fortunes of tax dollars to facilitate the growth violent racist organizations.

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Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #10/11
Defend Anti-Racist Speech!


Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #9
Fence Charges Thrown Out!

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #8
No Fence, NO CASE - Drop the Charges!

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #7
No Evidence - NO CASE!

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Ryan Lang found innocent of all charges!

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #5
Ann Arbor Youth Gets Charged with "Riot" for Refusing to Snitch

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #4
Produce the Fence or Drop the Charges!

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #3
Fighting Racism is Not a Crime!

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #2
"Anatomy of a Witchhunt"

Stop the Witchhunt Flyer #1
Stop the Witchhunt Against Antiracists!


Notable people who have signed the petition
to demand an end to the witchhunt against anti-racist activists

Sign the Petition online


National Conference of Black Lawyers Michigan Chapter's
Letter of support sent to the Ann Arbor News

National Lawyers Guild Resolution of Support
From their 61st National Convention


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