Patterns of Adaptive Learning

In loving memory of our mentor and colleague, Carol Midgley.

Welcome to the website for Patterns of Adaptive Learning. We are a group of researchers who, for a number of years, have been examining the relation between the learning environment and early adolescentsí academic and emotional well being.We use a preeminent motivational theory, achievement goal theory, as the lens through which we view these relations.Our latest news is the publication of a book edited by Carol Midgley, entitled, "Goal orientations, goal structures, and patterns of adaptive learning." We are particularly interested in the implications of our research for middle school reform, and have engaged in many discussions with administrators and teachers about the relevance of our findings for those who work daily in school settings with young adolescents.If you are a practitioner, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

We have created this website so that is easier for you to have a list of the papers we have published, the conference papers we are currently scheduled to present, and the manuals we have developed (PALS and OPAL). The manuals and the conference papers can be downloaded directly from the site. Because copyright laws prohibit it, we can not make published papers available to you on this site. However, we have listed the e-mail addresses of all those who have participated in the Patterns of Adaptive Learning Study. By clicking on their e-mail addresses, you can access them directly and request copies of published papers.

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Last Updated February 4th, 2003