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These pages feature preprints, updated papers, book announcements, and other news about Kashmiri and Kashmiri linguistics.

An introduction to spoken Kashmiri on the Web.

Kashmiri Sabha's index page.

Linguistic map of Kashmir and environs. (On reaching page scroll downwards to find map.)


1. P.E. Hook and O.N. Koul. Null Elements in Kashmiri

2. P.E. Hook and O.N. Koul. V-2 and the Verb Complex in Kashmiri.

Book announcement:

Kashmiri: A Cognitive-Descriptive Grammar by Kashi Wali and Omkar N. Koul.

Other posted papers on Kashmiri:

1. S.S. Toshkhani. Kashmiri Language: Roots, Evolution and Affinity. (Includes a discussion of Kashmiri's relation to the "Dardic" subfamily proposed by Grierson)

2. P.N. Pushp. Kashmiri and the Linguistic Predicament of the State. (Discusses problems in getting Kashmiri accepted as a means of written communication in Kashmir)

3. B.N. Kaul Deambi. The Sharada Script: Origin and Development. (Gives a history of the Sharada script, with charts and tables)

4. O.N. Koul. On the Kashmiri Language.

Initiated: 24.2.1997.

Last updated: 19.April.2002