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Journey to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

A Participatory Score

The Olimpias, an experimental community performance company, presents the participatory performance Journey to the Holocaust Museum in Berlin

(most performances were very private and quiet, with no camera intrusion. Only two performances were documented, one for still images, one for video. The YouTube video documents a performance that took place as part of the Movement, Somatics and Writing sympoisum, University of Michigan, February 2011). 

Social somatics, social sculpture: a participatory performance focused on the Peter Eisenman Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe, located in Berlin. The disabled people of Germany sued for access to the site, and lost. A ritual action re-imagines a memorial of life. 



All photos: Tim Householder

Performances:Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley

California College of Art, Oakland

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Madrona MindBody Institute, Port Townsend

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Australian National University, Canberra

Pustervik, Gothenburg

Museum Maluku, Utrecht

Society for Disability Studies, San Jose

Levier, Montreal



interlinked people on the floor

lecturing against background of actual Holocaust Memorial
Neil touches Corey

interlinked people on the floor

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