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PBS docu, 8 mins on Olimpias practice, 2016

Video: Disability/Culture: Research in Motion, 2012

Geometries dance video still

Art-Based Research Symposia:

Disability Culture: New Grounds, Symposium 2015 (publication)

Native Women Language Keepers: Indigenous Performance Practices Symposium, 2013

Disability/Culture Symposium 2012

Movement, Somatics and Writing Symposium 2011

ACN Eco-Performance Fellowships 2009

Touching Time: Bodies/Writing/Histories Symposium 2008

Sedimentations. Arts Culture Nature Conference 2007




Petra Kuppers Artist Statement, Goddard College

Olimpias Artist Statement, 2015

Old artist statement, with links to older projects

Old workshop statement

Geometries dance video stilltouch video installation


Geometries dance video still

Project Details.

Asylum Project

Soma Land

Pearl Stitch/Spherical



Helping Dances

Journey to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin


Cripple Poetics


Disabled Lilacs

The Anarcha Project

Purgatory Possible Projects

Coastal Mappings

Scar Tissue


Sleeping Giants CD ROM


Landscaping Women

Earth Stories .


Body Spaces .

Landscaping .



Body Provisional


Ystradgynlais Dragon Stories

DACE Dragon Stories.


The Olimpias/collaborative research/performance research/poetry/workshops/community art/digital video/pain space/interactive digital installations/landscape art/disability culture/mental health system survivors/disability arts/storytelling/presence/identity/social change

The Olimpias is an artists' collective and a performance research series. The collective explores art/life, cross-genre participatory practices, arts for social change and disability culture work.

Olimpias work addresses its audiences directly, and engages people gently and with care, to create a more inclusive future together.




University of Michigan English Department


lady of the lake/Earth Stories

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