Phi Rho Sigma - Zeta Chapter

It's 5:00 pm and your anatomy lab group calls it quits. You've just had eight hours of class. You and your weary lab partners are heading home. They have to trek through snow or brave icy roads to make it back. Then they'll have to spend the next hour making dinner.

But not you.

You take a short, 3 min., stroll under a covered walkway. You walk in the door to find that dinner is ready and on the table. You take a seat amongst friends for a delicious and relaxing meal. You've saved yourself valuable time and energy each day, and all because you made the best decision of your life:

You decided to live in Phi Rho Sigma.

Phi Rho Sigma is a co-ed medical society nestled in the heart of Kerrytown. Twenty-six men and women from all four years of medical school live, eat, and study together in the comfort of our historic English Tudor home.



Our community values academic and social balance; we make sure to make time for fun. We enjoy alumni dinners, movie nights, summer BBQs, game nights, lawn games, football tailgates, and our two traditional all-school parties: Halloween and Black & White.


Residents of Phi Rho Sigma come from all walks of life, and are joined together under one roof by their appreciation for communal living. Community takes many forms at PRS, whether it’s studying together, helping out with the dishes, lending an ear, or lending a helping hand, we take pride in our community and shared spaces. If you’re looking for a tight-knit, diverse, and unique slice of UMMS, Phi Rho is it.


Our Phi Rho Sigma “phamily” extends beyond the house to include our extensive network of alumni, many of whom stop by the house to share a meal or offer guidance and support. At home, upperclassmen offer insight and personal experiences to those following in their footsteps. These opportunities for mentorship give Phi Rho members a chance to develop relationships, build professional networks, and explore what lies ahead.

Shared Spaces

Our living room with a piano, a pool table, and comfortable couches invites you to kick back, while the TV room beckons with an obscure movie or football game. Chef Amy whips up 2 meals per day, served hot and fresh out the kitchen (woo!), and our spacious industrial kitchen gives you a chance to show off your baking skills. Our basement has a gym, study space, and laundry room, so you can stay fit, fresh, and clean clean. On Saturdays, we enjoy bagels; on Sundays, brunch; and on Game Days, donuts! Go Blue!


Phi Rho Sigma is run by students in conjunction with the alumni board. Returning residents of the house have the opportunity to hold leadership positions on the executive board where they can shape the direction of the house and our community. Regardless of officer position, all members of the house work together to preserve and enhance our living and learning environment.


Phi Rho Sigma owns a historic English Tudor home in Kerrytown, just two blocks from the Taubman Health Sciences Library and the University of Michigan Medical Campus. Our house is also close to downtown Ann Arbor, the Farmer’s Market, and many fantastic restaurants and bars. Nichols Arboretum, Argo Park, and the Huron River are within walking or biking distance...tubing, anyone?

Phi Rho Gallery

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Communal Spaces

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Private Bedrooms

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Gym and Parking

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Laundry and Maid Service

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Convenient Location right across the street from the Medical Campus

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Freshly Prepared Meals
**Quality is great year-round!**

Phi Rho History


The Beginning

The Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternity is founded at the Northwestern School of Medicine

October 31st, 1890

Michigan Chapter Established

The Zeta Chapter at the University of Michigan Medical School initiates its first members at the home of Roy Bishop Canfield, in Ann Arbor.

June 5th, 1897

House Established

The home at 538 Church Street is chosen as the first home of Zeta. Rent is only $380 per year, and the brothers eat together at a reserved table at the nearby Forest Inn.

September 1897


Zeta chapter moves into the Stevens House at 300 North Ingalls.


New House Built

Zeta Chapter builds a new house at the 300 North Ingalls Street location. The new house costs $65,000.


House Moving

The Zeta Chapter house is physically moved from 300 North Ingalls across Catherine Street to the present site, 220 North Ingalls. The operation was completed on railway tracks laid down for that purpose.



The Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternity becomes the Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society and begins to accept women among its members.



The Zeta Chapter celebrates its centennial!