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Getting Involved with PSG

PSGSA exists as a communication bridge between the Filipino-American community and the University of Michigan.  In order to create an effective environment for discussion, reflection, debate, and discovery, the community must vocalize their interest and demands.  By doing so, students and scholars at the University of Michigan are able to justify the creation of a structured environment and program of study.  
Here's how you can solidify a partnership for Philippine Studies:

Support PSGSA
* ATTEND events to show there is interest and demand for Philippine Studies
* VOLUNTEER - help plan, coordinate, and power
PSGSA events and projects...we welcome your ideas and suggestions
* CO-SPONSOR - becoming a co-sponsor of events helps articulate the community's support of Philippine Studies...and it also identifies to legislatives that Filipinos have a network and political potential!
* DONATE - donations allow PSGSA to continue creating and sponsoring opportunities of intellectual interchange on topics related to the Philippines. E-mail for mor
e information.
* FEEDBACK - Take time out and complete our Exploratory Survey.  This survey was created with the intention of assessing the community's needs, demands, and areas of interest in regards to Philippine Studies.  PSGSA is collecting all submissions to use as evidence of support.
* WRITE - Letters of support and encouragement for PSGSA events and projects.  These are also collected and used as evidence of support.

Become a Member- Check the Schedule of Activities for meetings, and get on the PSGSA mailing list for important updates, events, and project information.