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"Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?  Kung hindi tayo, sino ba?" (If not now, when?  If not us, who?)
"Ang hindi lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan, Hindi makararating sa paroroonan."  The Philippine Study Group (PSG) is a network of students, scholars, faculty, staff and community members whose purpose is to provide venues and opportunities of intellectual interchange related to the Philippines.  This newsletter is created to highlight "initiatives" taken towards the re-invigoration and re-establishment of Philippine Studies in Michigan.

Volume I, Issue II - February 2002

The Philippines, a Many Splendored View

Briefly Speaking

Community Calendar

Ginsberg Fellow Steps Towards History of Colonial Philippines

Survey to Assess and Illustrate Demand for Philippine Studies at UofM  (Take the Survey!)

Volume I, Issue II - March 2002

MSU Hosts a Successful Conference for the Midwest Association of Filipino Americans

Second Annual Bailey Forum Fosters Ethnic Diversity, and Understanding

Briefly Speaking

Community Calendar

UofM Guest Lecturer Will Focus on Media and Censorship in the Philippines

Volume I, Issue III - April 2002

-TAPESTRY- A special presentation of Dance, Music and Poetry, by selected Filipino and Filipino-American Artists

Tapestry:  Original Art to be Unveiled by Highly Acclaimed Filipino Choreographer

Spotlight on Tapestry Artists

PSGSA New Grad!!

PSGSA Website, A "Work-In-Progress," Goes Live on UofM Network

Community Calendar

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