• PACE Graduates

PACE Graduates

Chadwick Rasmussen PhD. 2006 (Research Engineer, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)
Thesis: An Experimental Study of Flame Stability in a Directly-Fueled Wall Cavity With a Supersonic Free Stream.
Jeffrey Sutton Ph.D. 2005 (post doctoral position, Naval Research Laboratory) Thesis: Mixture Fraction and Scalar Dissipation Rate Imaging in Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames Near Extinction. Sergei Filatyev Ph.D. 2003 (post doctoral position, Purdue University)
Thesis: Study of Turbulent Burning Velocities Using Laser Diagnostics
Ansis Upatnieks Ph.D. 2002 (post doctoral position, Sandia Natl. DOE Labs, Livermore, CA.)
Thesis: Cinema PIV Investigation of Turbulent Jet Flame Stabilization
Alfonso Ibarreta Ph.D. 2002 (post doctoral position, Nat'l Center for Microgravity Combustion Research, NASA Glenn)
Thesis: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Inwardly Propagating Premixed Flame
Albert Ratner Ph.D. 2000 (Assistant Professor, Univ. of Iowa)
Thesis: Highly Turbulent Combustion: A Study of Lifted and Shredded Flames
Jose Sinibaldi Ph.D. 1999 (Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey CA)
Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Displacement Speeds of Wrinkled Unsteady Flames
Jeffrey Donbar Ph.D. 1998 (Research Scientist, Advanced Propulsion Div., Wright-Patterson AFB OH)
Thesis: Reaction Zone Structure and Velocity Measurements in Nonpremixed Jet Flames
Rodney Bryant Ph.D. 1998 (Research Scientist, Natl. Inst. For Science and Technol. (NIST), Gaithersburg MD)
Thesis: PLIF Images of Fuel Mixing and Reaction Zones in Supersonic Combustors
Frank Myhr Ph.D. 1998 (post doctoral position, Washington Univ.)
Thesis: Optical Measurements of Atomic Oxygen Concentrations and Nitric Oxide Production Rates in Flames
Adrian Hsieh Ph.D. 1997
Thesis: New Scaling Methodology for NOx Emissions of Gas Burners and Furnaces
Charles Mueller Ph.D. 1996 (Research Scientist, Sandia Natl. DOE Labs, Livermore CA)
Thesis: Measurements of Flame-Vortex Interaction Dynamics and Chemistry
Hwanil Huh Ph.D. 1996 (Assistant Professor, Chung-Nam Univ., Taejon, Korea)
Thesis: An Experimental Study of Supersonic Hydrogen-Air Flames for Scramjet Application
David Everest Ph.D. 1994 (Research Scientist, University of Michigan)
Thesis: Effect of Strain Rate on the Temperature Field Structure in a Turbulent Nonpremixed Flame Using Laser Rayleigh Scattering Diagnostics
Yongbin Yoon Ph.D. 1994 (Associate Professor, Seoul Natl. Univ, Korea)
Thesis: Experimental Study of a Generic Supersonic Combustor
William Roberts Ph.D. 1992 (Associate Professor, North Carolina St. Univ.)
Thesis: A Premixed Laminar Flame Interacting With a Vortex Resulting in Flame Stretch and Quenching
Ming-Shin Wu Ph.D. 1991 (Research Scientist, NCMR, NASA Glenn Research Center)
Thesis: The Surface Structure of Premixed Turbulent Flames at High Reynolds Numbers
Segin Kwon Ph.D. 1991 (Associate Professor, KAIST, Korea)
Thesis: Flame Surface Properties of Neutrally Stable Flames in Isotropic Turbulence
Douglas Feikema Ph.D. 1990 (Research Scientist, NASA Glenn Research Center)
Thesis: Combustion Stability Limits and Imaging of Swirl-Stabilized Flames
Ruey-Hung Chen Ph.D. 1988 (Professor, Central Florida University)
Thesis: Swirl Stabilized Flames -Fluid Dynamics, Mixing and Stability Limits
Venkat Tangirala Ph.D. 1986 (Research Scientist, General Electric R&D, Propulsion Div.)
Thesis: Effects of Swirl and Heat Release on Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames
Tzong Hsi Chen Ph.D. 1983 (President, Taitech Inc., Wright-Patterson AFB OH)
Thesis: The Stratified Turbulent Mixing Layer: Measurements Compared to a Discrete Vortex Model
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