Reach Out! - Linking U. of M. & Community Mentors with Children & Teens

What We Do

We coordinate weekly hands-on science clubs, year-round, at elementary schools and community centers in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and we match mentors with teens at Ann Arbor’s Scarlett Middle School.
photo of Karyl and Cherita We are always looking for more volunteers to do science with kids or to serve as mentors to individual students. In both cases, we expect a minimum commitment of one semester on a weekly basis.
If you cannot make that large a commitment of time, consider serving for 6-8 weeks as a Career Mentor or bringing specialized science activities or demonstrations to groups as a Wandering Wizard.
Besides looking for individuals, we also like to hook organizations up with local sites for a long-term association. For example, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity adopted our science club at George Elementary School in Ypsilanti for two years, before beginning a new club several years ago at the Hikone Recreation Center in southeastern Ann Arbor.
If you are the service chair for your organization, consider adopting one of our sites. We provide the organization, the site leadership (after some volunteer experience, one of your members can be hired for this part-time job), and the record-keeping—your volunteers only have to show up to work (and play!) with kids.
Please read more about our sites and programs, and get in touch to help where your heart lies!

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Last updated 23 Sep 04