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People often ask us for hard numbers relating to Reach Out! programs. We have summarized our data in annual and other reports [President’s New Century Fund Report 12/98; CUOS K-12 Outreach Annual Reports 9/99 and 9/00 and Final Report; Camp Discovery 1999, 2000, and 2003 Reports], but here are links to just the charts and numbers for those who don’t have time for the reports:
      Volunteer Mentors by Category, Fall 1997-Fall 1998
Mentoring and Science Club Activities from 1995-99
Mentoring and Science Club Activities from 1995-2000
1999-2000 Outreach Program Summaries
Individual Volunteers, 1995–2002
Individual Children Served, 1995–2002
Individual Mentors, 1995–2002
UM Student Volunteer Affiliations, 1995–2002
Science Activities by Community
Report section on Camp Discovery 1999
Report section on Camp Discovery 2000
Web Traffic Report
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