Flightless Hummingbird:  A Pseudo-Periodical

Art, Paranoia, Eschatology, Fashion Tips

Statement of Purpose.


Synthetic Journal
NEW! Hot off the imaginary presses.
A style guide for a perfect world.
Art kicks your ass and you like it.
Say thank you.
Just as all matter will eventually fall into a black hole, so all knowledge, all art, all thought will be sucked into an intellectual singularity. This way to the fringes of the accretion disk.
Fashion Tips
What's hip and what's pelvis in the post-hypnotic age.
No More Words
Rational thought went the way of the dinosaurs eighty years ago. Why are you still clutching that coprolite? Let go.
Functionless Form
Because bureaucracy is its own reward.

Quasi-legal threats and pleas.