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Special Offer!

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to our advertisements and our excellent sales of Bonsai Kittens abroad (especially in China, Indonesia, and New Zealand), we are in a position to provide, as an educational service to the public, free Bonsai Kittens. These Bonsai Kittens are slight "seconds" which cannot fetch full price through normal channels, but are perfectly lovable and do illustrate the synthesis of God's and Man's handiwork.

The program works in the following way: anyone may write to mentioning "code: 451c" in the subject line. State the name of 2 (or 3 maximum) local institutions where you would like to see the famous Bonsai Kittens on display. As "seconds" become available we will be able to share the coveted Bonsai Kitten with the public-at-large at no cost to the recipient! (Cost of maintenance and special oxygenated food slurry not included.)

Regrettably, we cannot provide guaranteed delivery times. Bonsai Kitten cultivation takes months of careful effort, one cannot hurry the growth and hardening process! But as a consolation, we are working with one of our far-eastern partners to produce a Bonsai Kitten plush toy filled with 1% actual kitten hair (98% polyester fiberfill, and 1% fireproof mineral fiber for safety). If negotiations turn out favorably, the surrogate Bonsai Kittens will be available for display until the real kitten is ready.

Please also include your full mailing address and phone number for our records and so that we may send you occasional offers related to Bonsai Kitticulture and Kitticulture products.

Plush Toy Replica of Rectilinear Bonsai Kitty!

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