Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in housepets.




At Bonsai Kitten, we do not have a catalog of premanufactured kitties. Every Bonsai Kitten is an original! We only shape kitties to your specifications. The closest we come to providing "off the rack" kitties is to provide example vessel shapes for those wanting ideas of what to request. The only exception is that from time to time we shape kitties that for whatever reason we are not able to ship to the customers who originally ordered them. We will then offer these for sale to the general public, these specials will be announced on our web page when they occur. The typical wait time for a fully shaped Bonsai Kitten is three to four months. If you already have a kitten you would like us to shape, we occasionally accept such orders depending on the age of the kitten and shipping distance involved. Bonsai Kitten is not responsible for the loss or damage of any kitten during shipping to us. Please ask first!

In addition to fully shaped kitties, Bonsai Kitten is proud to offer a wide variety of containment options and paraphernalia for the home enthusiast:

Containment Variations:

  • Rectilinear vessels
  • Urns and curved forms
  • Tubular constrictions
  • Antagonistic animal shapes
  • Space frame (wire)


  • Shoehorns
  • Glass drills
  • Calcium sequestering agents
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Super Glue

If you need anything that we don't carry, mail us and we'll try to order it in for you!


Bonsai Kitten Supply Depot

The following pages show some of the materials we have available for hobbyists!

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