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Bonsai Kitten Kids®

Hey kids! Make your own
Flying Cat Christmas Card!

Even a regular cat can be used to spread the spirit of the season!

There is no more joyous time than Christmas -- except a Christmas when you rush downstairs in the morning to find your brightly wrapped new Bonsai Kitten sweetly mewing under the tree!

We hope Mom and Dad have placed their Bonsai Kitten order early, as Christmas is our busiest time of the year, and we'd be sad if anyone missed out!

But while you wait for that magical moment, you can use any regular cat and Mom or Dad's computer to make a neat flying cat Christmas card for your family or friends! We'll show you how.





1. Secure your cat in the Articulated Feline Tensioner (available on our Tools & Supplies page) and extend the arms into a "jumping" pose. Allow the cat time to become accustomed to the position, as this will result in a more photogenic facial expression. Take a photograph of the cat and load it onto the computer. Remember to ask permission to use the computer first!


2. Start Photoshop or a similar image editing program on the computer, and open the stretched cat photograph. Using the Magnetic Lasso tool carefully trace around the outline of the cat, trying to remove as much of the Feline Tensioner's patented XSR rubber SecurGrip® leg clamps as possible. Don't forget any spaces between the legs!


3. Choose Select Inverse and then Clear to remove the constraining apparatus and background from the picture. You will now have the cat on a plain white background as shown. Select Inverse again and Copy to transfer the cat by itself to the computer's clipboard. The "clipboard" is a place that saves things for later -- don't worry if you're a bit confused!


4. Pick a suitable Christmas background image and open it in the graphics program. We have chosen a painting of Santa's sleigh, but you can use whatever you think suits your own Christmas cheer. For example, the cat could be springing over a photograph of your own house all lit up with decorations, or eagerly welcoming the baby Jesus into the world in a nativity scene.


5. Choose the Paste command to place the cat on the Christmas background. Don't worry where it goes right away -- we'll be moving it later. Do use the Scale function to adjust the cat to the right size, though. Ask Mom or Dad if you need help!


6. If necessary, use the Rotate command to angle the cat into a proper "flying" attitude. Remember, cats go straight up or sideways only when bounced, so a jumping direction between these two extremes is recommended. Then drag the cat into the correct position on the picture.


7. Select the paintbrush tool and click once to give the cat a big, glowing, Christmasey red nose -- just like Rudolph! Santa won't get lost delivering his precious cargo of excited little Bonsai Kittens this Christmas! Add your message of Christmas wishes, and your card is ready to be printed out and distributed to the lucky recipients. From all at Bonsai Kitten, have a very merry Christmas, and God bless!




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