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Classical period of the Ottoman Empire c. 1300-1600
Circumscribing the life and times of Suleyman the Magnificent 1481-1598
Life Span of Suleyman the Magnificent 1494-1566
Reign of Suleyman the Magnificent 1520-1566

Military Campaigns of Suleyman: 
Timeline of Selected Events

1521--Conquest of Belgrade
1522--Fall of Rhodes
1526--Battle of Mohacs
1529--Siege of Vienna
1532--Siege of Guns
1533--Two Iraqs Campaign
1534--Conquest of Baghdad; Battles of Tunis
1535--Battles of Tunis
1537--War with Venice; Siege of Corfu
1538--Naval Battle of Preveza
1540--Peace with Venice
1543--Siege of Nice
1548--Conquest of Van
1554--Campaign in Iran
1556--Hungarian Campaign
1557--Hungarian Campaign
1558--Hungarian Campaign
1559--Hungarian Campaign
1565--Siege of Malta
1566--Siege of Szeged

---1520--- Death of Selim I (21 September).  Accession of Suleyman (30 September)
---1521---Suleyman takes Belgrade. (29 August).  Defeat and execution of Janbardi Ghazali in Syria (February).   Canberdi al-Ghazali's revolt in Egypt is crushed.
---1522---End of the Dulkadir dynasty.  Suleyman conquers Rhodes (January 21).
---1523---Ibrahim becomes Grand Vizier.
---1524--- Ahmed Pasha's revolt in Egypt (January).
---1525---Ibrahim in Egypt (24 March-14 June).
---1526---Battle of Mohacs (29 August), Louis II killed.  Suleyman I in Buda (10 September).  John Zapolya becomes King of Hungary (10 November).
---1527---Ferdinand of Austria in Buda.
---1529---Barbarossa takes control of Algiers.  Suleyman I captures Buda (8 September).  Zapolya crowned in Buda (14 September).  Suleyman I besieges Vienna (26 September - 16 October).
---1531---The Austrians besiege Buda (Decmeber).
---1532---Suleyman I's campaign against Austria.  Capture of Guns (28 August).  Andrea Doria captures Coron (8 August).
---1533---Two Iraqs Campaign.  Conquest of Baghdad. Peace with Ferdinand (22 June).  Hayreddin Barbarossa becomes grand admiral.  Barbarossa's conquest of Tunis (August).  Reconquest of Coron (12 September).  War with Iran (August).
---1534---Barbarossa takes Tunis. Conquest of Tabriz (13 July).  Allegiance of the Sultan of Gilan.  Suleyman I in Baghdad.
---1535---Suleyman I returns to Tabriz (spring).  Charles V in Tunis (21 July). Charles V recaptures Tunis.  J. de la Forest's mission to Suleyman.
---1536---Execution of Ibrahim (5 March).  Ayas Pasha becomes Grand Vizier.  The Franco-Ottoman alliance; capitulations. Suleyman I returns to Istanbul (8 January). 
---1537---War with Venice.   Suleyman I in Albania.  Ottoman raid into Apulia (July).  Siege of Corfu (25 August).  Suleyman I returns to Istanful (1 October).
---1538---  Suleyman I in Moldavia (summer).  Annexation of Southern Moldavia (4 October).  Suleyman Pasha of Egypt before Diu (4 September).  Naval Battle of Preveza (29 September).
---1539---Death of Ayas Pasha; Lutfi Pasha becomes Grand Vizier. Conquest of Castelnuovo (10 August)
---1540---Peace with Venice (2 October).  Surrender of Monemvasia and Napoli di Romagna.  Death of Zapolya.  The Austrians besiege Buda.
---1541---Suleyman at Buda; annexation of Hungary.    Lutfi Pasha deposed; Suleyman Pasha becomes Grand Vizier.  Suleyman I's campaign against Ferdinand.  Suleyman I in Buda (2 September).  Annexation of Hungary.  Charles V  disastrous expedition to Algiers (20 October).
---1543---Barbarossa's expedition along the French coast; siege of Nice.  Suleyman in Hungary. The Franco-Ottoman fleet takes Nice (20 August).  Suleyman I in Hungary.  Conquest of Valpovo, Pecs, Siklos, and Gran.
---1544---Suleyman Pasha deposed; Rustem Pasha becomes Grand Vizier.  Conquest of Vishegrad.
---1545---Armistice between Suleyman I and Ferdinand.
Peace of Constantinople.  Occupation of San'a and Ta'izz. Peace treaty between the Ottomans and the Habsburgs, including the Pope, Venice and the King of France (1 August).
---1548---Suleyman I's campaign in Iran.  Conquest of Van (25 August).
---1549---Conquests in Georgia.  Suleyman I returns to Istanbul (12 December).
---1550--- Construction of the Suleyman mosque.
---1551---Construction of the Suleyman mosque.  Piri Reis's expedition. The Ottomans in Transylvania.  Conquest of Becskerek, Varad, Csanad, and Lippa.  Turgud reis (Dragut) captures Tripoli (14 August).
---1552---Conquest of Temesvar (July) and other cities in Ranat.  Ottoman failure agains the Portuguese at Hormuz.  Russian occupation of Kazan.  Ottoman failure are Erlau (October). Construction of the Suleyman mosque.
---1553---War with Iran.  Suleyman I in Eregli (Karaman).  Execution of his son, Mustafa (16 October). Construction of the Suleyman mosque.  Sidi Ali Reis's expedition. 
---1554---Suleyman I's campaign in Iran.  Conquet of Nakhchevan and Erivan (summer).  Russian occupation of Astrakhan. Construction of the Suleyman mosque. 
---1555---Peace with Iran at Amasya (29 May). Construction of the Suleyman mosque.  Execution of Ahmed Pasha; Rustem Pasha again becomes Grand Vizier. 
---1556---Inauguration of the Suleymaniye mosque (16 August).  Continued warfare against the Austrians in Hungary. Construction of the Suleyman mosque
---1557---Continued warfare against the Austrians in Hungary.
---1558---Continued warfare against the Austrians in Hungary.

---1559---Continued warfare against the Austrians in Hungary.  Civil war between Suleyman I's sons, Selim and Bayezid (May).  Bayezid takes refuge in Iran (November).  
---1560---The Spaniards on Djerba.  The grand admiral, Piyale Pasha, captures Djerba (31 July).
---1561---Execution of Prince Bayezid (25 September).  The Cossacks attack Axov.
---1562---Peace with the Emperor Ferdinand (1 July).   Death of Rustem Pasha; Ali Pasha becomes Grand Vizier
---1565---Siege of Malta (20 May-11 September). Death of Ali Pasha; Sokullu Pasha becomes Grand Vizier.
---1566---Siege of Szigetvar/Szeged (5 August - 7 September).  Suleyman I's death before Szigetvar/Szeged (6 September). Ottoman campaign in Hungary.  Accession of Selim II (24 September).  Occupation of Chios.                                               
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