Susan B. Neuman  Professor, UM School of Education

Selected Journal Articles

The Effects of Vocabulary Intervention on Young Children's Word Learning: A Meta-Analysis
Loren M. Marulis and Susan B. Neuman
Review of Educational Research
September 2010, Vol. 80, No. 3, pp. 300-335

Educational Effects of an Embedded Multimedia Vocabulary Intervention for Economically Disadvantaged Pre-K Children: A Randomized Trial
Susan B. Neuman, Ellen H. Newman, Julie Dwyer
University of Michigan

Developing Vocabulary and Conceptual Knowledge for Low-income Preschoolers: A Design Experiment
Susan B. Neuman, Julie Dwyer
University of Michigan

A meta-analysis on the effects of vocabulary training on word learning: A design experiment on the effects of WOW: the world of words
Loren Marie Marulis, Susan B. Neuman
University of Michigan

The Knowledge Gap: Implications for Early Education by Susan B. Neuman
Handbook of Early Literacy Research: Vol. II

When I give I own: Empowering the Nepalese People through Engagement in Community Libraries
Click here to Download As PDF (WhenIgiveIown.pdf)

CHELLO: The Child/Home Environmental Language and Literacy Observation
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