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Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy ** Integrated Policy Exercise ** January 2003

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About the IPE


The Ford School's Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE) is an innovative component of the curriculum at the Ford School, designed to help students integrate the skills they are learning in different courses and to work together across classes and concentrations. It is an intensive, one-week policy simulation that gives student teams the chance to do a time-pressured policy study from the point of view of a particular policy actor. Student teams present the results of their study and their policy recommendations in public and form coalitions around policy positions.


All Ford School classes will be cancelled the week of the IPE (in the Winter 2003 term, this will be the first week of the term) so that students and faculty can devote their full attention to the simulation. Both faculty and outside experts will be closely involved in working with student teams and evaluating their performance. Students will also have the chance to vote on a variety of peer awards.



About the Global AIDS Forum


HIV/AIDS has had a devastating effect on the global community.  More than 60 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV since the epidemic began two decades ago.  An additional 68 million people in the 45 most affected countries is projected to die prematurely as a result of AIDS between 2000 and 2020.  For many countries, particularly those in sub-Saharan Africa, the disease has reached a critical point with HIV/AIDS having a profound impact on growth, income, and poverty.  A recent study by UNAIDS suggests that GDP has declined 2.6% annually for countries with national HIV/AIDS prevalence rates of 20% or more.


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria (Global Fund) was established in June 2001 to facilitate an aggressive global response to the AIDS epidemic.  This nongovernmental organization, in partnership with UNAIDS and the World Health Organization, seeks to attract both public and private contributions to increase funding for preventing and treating HIV/AIDS in the world’s poorest countries.  To date, over US$ 2 billion have been pledged to the firm.  This amount, however, falls far short of the US$ 7 billion needed annually to effectively combat the disease.


The Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy is hosting the Global AIDS Forum 2003 to address the current inadequacies of the Global Fund in leading the fight against HIV/AIDS. Students representing national governments, nongovernmental organizations, AIDS activists, and pharmaceutical firms will convene at the Forum to develop and propose changes to the structure and mission of the Global Fund.  These changes potentially include: a new financing mechanism for the Global Fund; a general framework for distributions from the Global Fund that its both efficient and equitable; new program guidelines that focus on specific prevention and treatment activities sponsored by the Global Fund; and changes in the administration of intellectual property laws that balance concern for reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS with respect for global agreements on intellectual property rights.


Global AIDS Forum 2003 will begin at 2 p.m. on Monday, January 6 and will continue full-time through dinner on Thursday, January 9.  The formal proceedings will culminate in a plenary session of United Nations Member States to vote on the reform proposal developed during the week.




Thank You!


We hope you enjoyed the 2003 Integrated Policy Exercise!  The IPE would like to thank the Advocacy NGOs for raising more than $350 for the Global Fund.



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IPE Announcements


01.16.03 Course Evaluation Summary

01.05.03 Revised IPE Schedule

12.10.02 Final Student Roles

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10.16.02 Workshop Confirmation List

09.26.02 Fall Workshops for the IPE 

09.06.02 IPE Global AIDS Forum Announcement



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