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We're shih tzus, not pit bulls! Do we really have to wear sweatsuits?: December 2005, Part II

Keeping warm in the winter is hard work for glam' dogs!

Tiffany: Hmmm, I can barely dress myself. How the heck do I get this sweatsuit on a dog!?
Sam: Mom, this is so embarassing. I'm just going to imagine I'm invisible!

This is so not fair. I look like a complete dork. How come Max doesn't have to wear one?

Wear it with pride brother man! Now all the fine tzus will be flockin' my way. Precious and Keiko, I hope you're watchin'!

Max is SOOO cool. I love my big brother! Maybe one day I can look as tough as him. Right now, I'm playing my puppy card to get the lovin'!

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