Hello, we are Max and Sam! We are two very lucky shih tzus who have been adopted from rescue agencies in Michigan and are now brothers. Max was adopted from Furever Shih Tzu Rescue and Sam was adopted from Peke a Tzu Rescue. We have created this website for two main reasons: to try and convince you that rescue dogs are the most loving and loyal dogs in the world and to plain ol' brag about our great lives! Nemo (rescued from Animal Placement Bureau) and Bailey (rescued from a shelter in Maine) will sometimes make guest appearances.

Background Information
February 2006

Tzu Beds: February 2006

The Shih Tzu Support Group: February 2006, Part II

January 2006

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: January 2006

Just too cute!: January 2006, Part II

December 2005

Sam and Max's First Christmas Together: December 2005

We're shih tzus, not pit bulls! Do we really have to wear sweatsuits?: December 2005, Part II

October 2005

Window Surfing: October 3, 2005

First Haircut and the Dreaded Day Arrives for Sam!: October 5, 2005

September 2005

Suitcases and Pepsi bottles: September 4, 2005

The Green and Red Fuzzy Bone Adventures: September 5, 2005

A Day at the Pool: September 6, 2005

Random pictures: September 11, 2005

Laundry basket fun and more wrestling: September 22, 2005

Frosty Paws and Naps: September 30, 2005

August 2005

Max and Sam's first day together: August 6, 2005

Sam meets Grandma Pola: August 7, 2005

Sam discovers he's a water dog: August 8, 2005

More of Sam's first week: August 9-10, 2005

Sam loves going to Grandma's during the day: August 11, 2005

Ahhh, puppy love: August 15, 2005

Max and Sam, moms' little helpers: August 17 , 2005

Hmmm, maybe having a baby brother to play with isn't so bad: August 18, 2005

G-ma's and the fun we have in the backyard: August 19, 2005

Wrestlemania!!!!: August 20, 2005

Wrestlemania 2--The Sequel!!!!: August 21, 2005

Visit Nemo and Friends--Part 1!: August 22, 2005

Visit Nemo and Friends--Part 2!: August 22, 2005

Max and Sam go to Grizzly's house: August 25, 2005

Bath Day!: August 28, 2005

Shameless Puppylove!: August 30, 2005

We will add more pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned!