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The Shih Tzu Support Group: February 2006, Part II

While Momma Tiffany worked on her dissertation we were all there to support her. Sometimes we would keep her toes warm, when Momma Michie would turn down the heat at night. Other times, we would provide a necessary giggle to get that concerned look off of her face. She managed to capture a few of our kind gestures, when she pulled her head out of her....books.

Bet I can make you smile...

Mom, we're getting a little worried about your play habits lately. Don't you think we've spent enough time in this room. And, no, we don't want to hear about any more of your silly ideas about education or computers!!!

Mich: The boys have reported your new method of putting them to sleep. They have asked me to tell you that they don't really like to listen to chapters of your dissertation. They actually prefer the Golden Book series.

Sam: Mom told me to guard the door, because she's ready for you to be done already. So, unless you scratch the door to tell me you have to go potty (like I have to do), I'm afraid you're sitting your little hiney down in the chair and typing!


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