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Sam loves going to Grandma's during the day: August 11, 2005

Sam gets a taste of the busy life. He and Max get to go to work with the moms and be shown off as the good and cute doggies they are. Today is also Sam's first taste of the weekday routine of going to G-ma's (short for grandma).

Here's Sam at work. He must have developed his "hard" work ethic from his mommies ;-)

Here's Max at work, hoping momma Michie will come back in the room to play with him.

Sam: "Come on Max! It's time to go home."
Max: "Mom, I'm so embarrased. Please make it stop and no more pictures!"

Left: Sam ready and waiting for Max so they can head off to g-ma's.
Right: Sam and Max on their way to g-ma's.

Yay! We're here g-ma, let us in!

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