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Wrestlemania!!!!: August 20, 2005

Max then discovers that Sam can actually serve a purpose, besides G-ma attention hogging, he can be fun to wrestle with!

In the left corner wearing the white, brown and black furry suit, weighing only 7 pounds and sporting tiny, pointy puppy teeth is SAM SOUTH PAW MARRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!
In the right corner, wearing the white and gray furry suit, weighing 16 pounds and sporting the bow legged cowboy walk is MAX MUNCH ON YOUR TINY HEAD RASUUUUUULISSSSS!!!!


Ya'all ready for this!?!?!

Is that all you got?!?!?

It's hard makin' you look bad, but that's what I'm here for!!

Don't you be trash talkin' me!!!

Hey mom, little help here....

Gosh it is fun to have a brother to play with:-)

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