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The Green and Red Fuzzy Bone Adventures: September 5, 2005

Max has 2, count them, 1, 2 toys he plays with, 1 is "mousey" the other is his green and red fuzzy bone squeek toy. It came with him when we adopted him. Sam like any younger brother has figured out all the sure fire ways to get his older brother's attention.

Hey Max, look what I'm going to play with...!

I REALLY think you should reconsider your choice of toys!!!

Make ME!

So how do you like the taste of the couch, small fluff?!?!
Max, are you chewing on Sam's head?

No mom, not me, look at this face, could this face even hurt a flea?

Ha ha, busted by mom, look what I have again!!

Look, I'm happy to pull you to timbucktu if I have to!


Yep, who's the big dog now?! I'll be on my way now, WITH my fuzzy bone!

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