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A Day at the Pool: September 6, 2005

In Ann Arbor, after Labor Day weekend, one of the parks with outdoor pools opens the pools up to dogs, so Sam, being the water dog was all up for such an adventure. Max figured he'd tag along as long and G-ma was going to be there to keep him company.

Hey, I can't touch the bottom!

This pool is a lot bigger than we have at home!

Still swimming....

I look like a sea otter in this picture!

Hey Max, come on in, the water is nice.

It only looks like we are dagging him in;-)

See, no leash!

Staying close to mom, this is scarey stuff.

Hi mom, pick me up!

Spoiled dog!

Max doing another lap.

Hey G-ma, come on in, the water is great!

The boys' big fuzzy friend Grizzly was also enjoying herself!

When we're all done, there's always G-ma's lap to dry off on:-)

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