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Laundry basket fun and more wrestling: September 22, 2005

Yay, the moms are back, we missed them so much, but we also enjoyed our slumber party at G-ma's. We spend a lot of our free time wrestling, Max has really gotten into it, and when he isn't in the mood, I just bite his wee wee and that usually gets his attention;->

Wow, this kinda looks like a dog bed, it's comfy.

Gosh, clean laundry, even better, I think I'll hide a chewy in here.

Does he not think I see him hiding that chewy in the laundry basket, he isn't exactly descrete.

Okay brother, I'm bored with the laundry basket, let's wrestle.

Wrong end kid, bummer, I should have had beans for lunch;-)

Wait, I'm smiling for the camera.

Yep, I won again, better luck next time Sam.

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