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First Haircut and the Dreaded Day Arrives for Sam!: October 5, 2005

G-ma decides Sam needs a trim before his big doctor's appointment. Sam goes in to get "fixed".

Sam looking shaggy after his first trim.

We're ready to go to G-ma's. Well one of you boys is going to G-ma's, the other is going..."someplace else".

Momma Tiffany and baby Sam before he gets handed over.

Mom, I love you, do you think we can reconsider?

Ut-oh, the door is opening!

I'm scared!!

I made it, can we go home now!?

Nope, we first have to let the doctor point out our little "scrotum irritation". And like all guys he acted like this was a life threatening condition;-)

Momma Tiffany and Sam napping after the traumatic day. Sam napping so nothing touches the boo boos.


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