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Max's Story

Before Max was given to the rescue agency, he lived with a very nice family with children. Unfortunately, the children sometimes thought he was a stuffed animal and would pull and tug on him. This made Max a little insecure. One day, one of the children had friends over who were a little too rough with Max and out of fear, Max nipped at the kid. Max's parents were afraid that he might bite somebody, so they gave him to the rescue agency.


Sam's Story

Sam was born in a rescue agency and was raised by two wonderful women, Judy (and Dick) and Jan. They treated him like a little prince and wanted to make sure he found the perfect home. Sam's parents are Amelia and Jester (their pictures will be here soon!). Amelia and Jester were rescued from breeders who weren't treating them properly. Amelia was pregnant with three beautiful boys (Percy, Peabody, and Sam) when she arrived at the rescue. Jan found a great home for Amelia and is currently searching for the perfect home for Jester. Although there were many families that wanted to adopt Baby Sam, Judy and Jan wanted to find a perfect match for this wonderful boy. They originally named him Seth, but his new Grandma Pola couldn't pronounce his name, so she renamed him Sam.

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