Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program

Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program (MBSTP)

The MBSTP is a National Institute of Health (NIH) / National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) funding training program that supports an interdisciplinary approach to graduate training that emphasizes biomedical microfluidics. The program supports 6 students each for 2 years. 45 faculty members from 20 different departments from the College of Engineering, the College of LSA, and the Medical School participate. Although the program only supports 6 students, all those interested are invited to participate in activities sponsored by the program including the annual symposium, seminar series, PIBS 503, and core course CHE 696. The program is designed to be an intellectually exciting blend of training in the more quantitative disciplines of chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics on the one hand and the basic biological sciences on the other.

Please also check out our web page for the Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Student Organization (µFO).