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Eric Rabkin - Professor at the University of Michigan. Teaches courses in both Fantasy and Science Fiction, among others. Responsible for inspiring many people in their pursuit of knowledge in the field of science fiction.
Ryan Garcia (aka Hose) - Former University of Michigan student who was inspired by Professor Rabkin and had too much free time. Creator, copywriter, artist and janitor for the UMFandSF Home Pages.
Stewart Blacklock - Another former U of M student that Ryan sucked into creating "just a little script." The end result is the first ever link between an electronic conference and the World Wide Web. A King of scripts!
John Wambaugh - Student who's taken over for The Hose. Also in charge of the editorial review of papers submitted to the class pages.
Christopher T. Nitchie - A former University of Michigan student who took over for John, redesigning the interface and visual style of the site, also upgrading the search engines and inserting the Monstrosity exploration.
Adam Barker - Student on the editorial review panel.

Symbolism Dictionary

Allison Protas - The former student responsible for creating the Dictionary of Symbolism.
Geoff Brown - A recent U of M graduate who revamped the Dictionary in the Winter 1997 Semester.
Jamie Smith - Another U of M student busy expanding the Dictionary of Symbolism.
Jessica K. McShan - A recent U of M graduate responsible for the Teutonic Mythology extension of the Dictionary.

Credits Are Also Due To You - That's right, you and everyone else out there on the Internet with a love for fantasy or science fiction is a member of the crew for these pages. People who contribute to the pages are more active crew members, but even lurkers are part of the people who make these pages possible and desirable.

Thank You's

Robin Sarris - For helping to organize funding.
Brian Spolarich - For general technical assistance, and for helping us install the search engine. Muchos kudos go to this guy!!!
Gordon Good - For technical assistance.