The Magical Significances of the Background Image:
Some Runes from the Elder Futhark

***Information about the individual runes cited below is from Tony Willis' Discover Runes: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes (Sterling Pub. Co., New York, 1993; 18, 25, 142-144).

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"RUNES are the sacred symbols of the Teutonic races, and in the far past, a complete system of philosophy and magic was erected upon them. This system was handed down from shaman to pupil by word of mouth using the Runes themselves as mnemonics.

"The word 'rune' comes from a root meaning both 'a secret' and 'to whisper', and obviously relates to a time before the invention of writing when all arcane knowledge was transmitted orally. However, the word also means 'a mystery'...something which transcends mere intelligence, something which can be understood or experienced but which cannot be taught for it cannot be put into words"(Willis, 17).

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Geofu: "Harmony, concord, all things to do with partnerships both business and emotional; mental and physical equilibrium."

Nied: "All situations calling for prudence or circumspection. Good for patience, determined effort, long-term goals, common sense and practicality. Also used in love magic to ginger-up a relationship that is taking too long to get off the ground."

Yr: "Protection, to remove obstacles or to miraculously transmute them into stepping-stones to success."

Eolh: "Protection against the evil thoughts and activities of others. Promotes all relationships founded on friendship rather than physical attraction. Helpful for all pursuits in which you are required to renounce one opportunity in order to take up antoher, especially in academic and artistic areas."

Ken: "Protection of valuables, physical well-being, self-confidence, positivity; fresh starts; stability in relationships."

Ur: "To draw new circumstances into a person's life, to initiate new conditions without being specific about what those conditions should be."

Wynn: "Fulfillment in almost any area, but especially in love or career matters. Successful results of travel."

Lagu: Rune for water. "Conception, psychic matters, intuition, inner awareness, artistic endeavour, painting, musicianship, acting, all forms of education which are allied to the imagination. Teaching, guidance."

Mann: "The goodwill and assistance of others. Fortunate for all joint or group activities, or for anything intended for the benefit or advancement of mankind. Also, mental ingenuity and inventive ability."

Sigel: "Health, physical strength, clear thinking, self-confidence."

Ansur: The symbol of the Ash Tree. "For all matters connected with education and communication: learning, scholarship, teaching, negotiations, debate, public speaking, public appearances, writing."

Hagall: "In all situations where chance is involved, to encourage Lady Luck to smile on you."


A Little More About Runes

According to The Religion of the Teutons, "MAGIC constitutes an important part of every religion, some scholars regarding it as the most original element, others as 'a disease of religion'"(385). The author, P.D. Chantepie de la Saussaye, observes that the "runes among the Teutons are older than the runic letters, which they borrowed from the Latin alphabet"(388). Although frequently found on magic charms, runes were also carved into trees, symbolizing the sacred role of the World Ash Tree, Yggdrasill, in the Teutonic cosmos.

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