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I, Jessica K. McShan, graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in English and French. My loves are literature and music, especially English Romanticism, Classical Music, Science Fiction and Fantasy. If you like Shelley, Chopin, Monty Python, Tolkien, Yoda, Hegel, Tigger or Chagall, then you're in my element.

I would like dedicate this little project to everyone who assisted me both emotionally and intellectually: Prof. Eric S. Rabkin, the SF_web, the Fraass family, my parents, D.C., Laura, Mystic, Tasha, Sasha, ln.C., Sebastian, A.C., Z.W., J.W., and all my friends and family for your encouragement, proofreading, helpful commentary and your support.

Que la force soit avec vous!

May the force be with you!

Map of the Teutonic Cosmos
Table of Contents
Wagner and The Ring
Teutonic Mythology
and Wagner's Ring
Symbols in
Wagner's Ring
Symbols in
Teutonic Mythology
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