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As the webmaster team, we can assist you with many facets of web-based technology on campus, but we are not the only source for information. In this section, we have answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us at: webmaster@umich.edu.

Further assistance with ITCS resources is available by contacting online.consulting@umich.edu, by calling (734) 764-HELP.


I know my password, how do I change it?
I've lost/forgotten my password... what do I do?
How do I contact the ITCS Accounts Office?


How do I change the affiliation field in my directory entry?
What's the difference between bind and login?
How does email forwarding work?
How do I add people to a directory group?
How do I modify my directory entry?
Why can I find my uniqname in a directory search, but not my full name?
Can I remove myself from a directory group?


Can you include a link on the UM Gateway to my site?
Why aren't my most recent changes showing up in search results?


How do I work with AFS ACLS?
Can I run CGI scripts in my home directory?
Can I use Frontpage extensions?
How do I improve my Google search results ranking?
Can I get a personal umich.edu domain name?


How do I enable my address for HTMail?
Can I use htmail for non-UM email addresses?
Can you enable another person's email address for htmail?


Can we use php and mysql?
Can I use register_globals?
How do I check the error log on the development server?
How should I seek out further help with php or mysql?