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Cosign: Web Authentication & Proxy System

( stable )

Cookie-based single sign-on using Kerberos passwords. Cosign is the next generation of UM's venerable cookieserver web authentication system.

See the cosign home page for more information.

File Drawers: Web-based File Manager

( alpha )

The mfile website runs an ITCS-developed software package named "file drawers". This is a web-based file manager which talks to an AFS filesystem back-end. We have plans to extend it to handle ext2/ext3 and possibly NFS.

See the filedrawers home page for more information.


( stable )

People need to change their Kerberos passwords. kpasswd.cgi is a cgi implementation of the kpasswd command line utility. Users can change their passwords via the ever-popular web and the mythical 'favorite' web browser.

download: kpasswd.cgi-1.2.tar.gz
MD5(kpasswd.cgi-1.2.tar.gz)= 34cb3b123f7eddb65de52781897a2c93


( beta )

ldapweb is the software behind directory.umich.edu, the web-based ldap client for the University's central ldap service.

ldapweb is actually a set of perl scripts wrapping the openldap command line utilities ldapmodify and ldapsearch. We are aware of Graham Barr's perl ldap module and will likely switch to it eventually, but we needed support for Kerberos 4 binding ( for now ) and it didn't seem like a reasonable thing to add to the module.

Supports: searching, a 'custom' search interface to build complex ldap filters simply, modify, add, bind, bind as an arbitrary dn, etc.

( beta software currently unavailable )


( stable )

A standard web access counter implemented as an apache module, mod_ometer supports truetype fonts, arbitrary background and text colors, can output png, gif, or jpg format, stores its data using Berkeley DB, and includes the ever-popular 'random count' feature. It goes zoom.

See our how-to pages if you want to learn how to add a counter to your UM home page.

Or visit the mod_ometer home page if you're looking to install mod_ometer on your own server.

download: mod_ometer-1.3.0.tar.gz
[ md5: 3f1bd48c2e4ffa3650b357e2268ef6c6 ]


( stable )

Our main page, http://www.umich.edu/, has a single search box that can either search our campus-wide ldap directory or Google's University search service. Since we don't want the overhead of calling a useless CGI ( to determine which data source the user wants to search ) every time someone tries a search on our servers, we wrote this simple apache module. Given search query 'Q' mod_rqd2 selects appropriate data source 'D' and sends the user's request 'R' to ( 2 ) it.


( stable )

If you visit:

http://www.umich.edu/~clunis/ or

you will be automagically redirected to:

http://www-personal.umich.edu/~clunis/ or


mod_rumps ( rumps: Redirect to UM Personal Server ) is the very simple apache module that makes this happen. After apache has looked up the document root for the web page you're looking for, mod_rumps makes sure that the url you're talking to is allowed to serve the page you've requested. If it is not, you get redirected to the appropriate server.