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The files here are intended to be the same as their most recent counterparts at the dnw/pfe-33/ branch of Guido Draheim's pfe svn site. They may occasionally be more up to date, especially when only cosmetic changes have been made. See PFEFromSVN for an installation guide.
dstrings-ext.c 29Oct10 13:29:40EDT 67K svn
dstrings-ext.h 19Sep10 18:17:55EDT 12K svn
dstrings-dll.c 18Apr03 17:30:12EDT 131 svn
dstrings-test.fs 20Dec19 16:51:44EST 27K svn
dstester.fs 20Dec19 15:57:42EST 9.3K svn
dstester-test.fs 20Dec19 15:57:42EST 11K svn
trydstrings.fs 30Sep08 12:35:25EDT 4.6K svn
dstrings-ext.log 29Oct10 13:47:32EDT 7.5K svn

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Files in this directory under the GNU LGPL typically have a POLITENESS request.