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fpaux module

This external module contains the words from the now obsolete file ieeefp-ext.c, which implemented IEEE-754 default exception handling, rounding modes, and alternate exception handling. The words that implemented extra IEEE-754 and C99 floating-point functions have been absorbed into the dnw branch of pfe in the file floating-ext.c, with quad floating point versions in qfloating-ext.c.

The fpaux module does not contain any words that operate on the floating-point stack. It works with both the floating and the qfloating modules, whether loaded individually or together.
07Jan21 11:54:46EST
07Jan21 11:54:47EST
07Jan21 11:54:46EST
07Jan21 11:54:47EST
07Jan21 11:54:47EST
An experimental implementation of the parts of an IEEE-FP proposal discussed in comp.lang.forth for a few months around the middle of 2009 that include default exception handling, rounding, and alternate exception handling.
ieeefp-pfe-test.fs 07Jan21 11:54:47EST 34K Regression tests requiring ttester-xf.fs and various helper files, all included in
Scripts for building and installing loadable modules for pfe-33 and later in macOS and linux.
README.txt 07Jan21 11:54:53EST 1.5K How to compile the fpaux module. 07Jan21 11:54:47EST 44K All of the above files, plus the tester and helper files needed to run the tests.

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