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twx.fs 09Sep06 13:41:45EDT 3.5K
xstacks-dll.c 18May03 10:32:05EDT 128
xstacks-ext.c 20Dec06 18:17:14EST 13K
xstacks-ext.h 20Dec06 09:47:29EST 2.3K
xstacks-ext.log 20Dec06 18:21:37EST 1.1K
xstacks-pfe.fs 20Dec06 09:42:10EST 6.8K
xstacks-pfe.log 20Dec06 18:23:31EST 1.6K
xstacks-pfe-test.fs 20Dec06 18:30:16EST 5.2K

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Files in this directory under the GNU LGPL typically have a POLITENESS request.