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Did you ever think that Latin hip-hop was an actual musical genre?  Can you think of any famous or popular, or even deceased Latino hip-hop artists, rappers, DJs, MCs or musical producers?  Take a second to think, or perhaps you should take a minute.   Now can you think of any African American hip-hop artists? Sure you can!  You can make endless lists of African American rappers, DJs and MCs.
For many years the voices, the efforts and the lyrics of Puerto Rican hip-hop artists have been concealed with a mask.  This website is dedicated towards lifting the mask and revealing the true faces behind the evolution of Hip-Hop.   These suppressed voices from Latin hip-hop culture are finally heard in this compelling voyage to the underground roots where it all began!  Respected by their peers, ignored by the media, this site will explore the key figures who revolutionized hip-hop culture. Join us on this journey to explore the significant contributions Puerto Ricans have made towards the development of Hip Hop.
Witness hip-hop's best kept secrets pump into the pen, bleed onto the page, race through the microphone, and blast onto the stage to influence the world of music. (1)
Enjoy your stay and feel free to email us with any suggestions.
-Derek Skluzak
-Tanisha Tate
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